The Shelter on DVD, January 3, 2017

Critically acclaimed "The Shelter" now on VODhitsDVDJanuary 3, 2017!
John Fallon's directorial debut, The Shelter is coming to DVD January 3, 2017. L.A. Times, famous for their harsh review, has given a glowing review to The Shelter: "writer-director John Fallon's "The Shelter" is remarkably ambitious. It's a concise genre piece that doubles as a heavily metaphorical character sketch… "The Shelter" is graced by the performance of Michael Pare…"Michael won Best Actor for The Shelter at A Night of Horror International Film Festival.

"The Shelter" Reviews:
Los Angeles Times: The Shelter is graced by the performance of Michael Pare…Veteran character actor Pare strikes just the right notes as a man literally haunted by his past.

Horror Fuel: Pare did a fine job of portraying a man who has to look up in order to see people who have hit rock bottom. He is also able to make the transition from a man who has nothing back to a man who has plenty to live for, very well.

Ravenous Monster: Michael Pare's performance is top-notch, if not perfect. Where there are lulls, they are largely due to the tempo of a given scene rather than Pare's execution. He plays darkness well, with simultaneous dangerousness and a barely perceptible vulnerability. The contrast between present-tense Thomas and flashback Thomas is night and day, yet Pare portrays the through-line, capably representing two very different states of the same character.

Dread Central: Pare, doing most of his acting alone and in relative silence, is a standout. He's got to carry this whole film on his shoulders, and he does it ably…It's Pare's parade, lock and stock.

Starburst: Pare is the heart of the film... At his best, actor Pare maintains a quiet but furious desperation.

The Movie Guys: Fallon brings us insight to a man who has disappeared from life for five years only to come back to his hometown a shadow of his former self. From the first ten minutes, we take it he’s homeless, alcoholic, and probably fighting the personal demons from his past. Pare painfully embodies this human wreckage with utter commitment.

Flickering Myth: So it thus lies with Pare to elevate the dramatic heart of the film. This he manages to do... Pare has the ability to make it more interesting, and he does so.

Icons of Fright: It's great to see Pare shine again, he really gives a powerful performance, one that is broken and jaded, yet damaged and full of pain in ways that we as a viewers seek to put together. Given glimpses of what life could have been, had he taken different paths in life, Fallon's visually stunning direction adds to the experience of Thomas being continuously haunted by life and spirits that he's been doing his best to drink away.

Horror News: The acting was top notch. Michael Pare knocks it out of the park as usual as Thomas, the main character… he was a pretty complex and interesting character and Pare does an excellent job bringing him to life. As a matter of fact I really couldn't see anyone else playing the part as well as Pare did and he really shows just how talented of an actor he truly is with this performance.

From Dusk Till Con: As Thomas, Pare truly gets the chance to show why he's one of the most under-appreciated actors working today. He portrays Thomas as a man that has been beaten down by life and is full of self-loathing. Watching him go through the ringer really pulls you into the happenings.

Nightmarish Conjurings: Michael Pare does a great job, making you love him for the down & outer that he is, while simultaneously hating him for what his actions have wrought upon the people he claims to love. Pare is just as sympathetic here as he was as Eddie Wilson in "Eddie and the Crusiers". His acting here is top notch, something you don't come to expect from horror. That Moment In: This is all Pare… Here, he carries the film. He mostly works in anger and sorrow, but he wears a burden in his shoulders and regret in his eyes. It's a very good performance. Horror Society: A one man show by an extremely talented actor capable of omitting every emotion in the book in under an hour and a half. Scream Horror Magazine: With Pare in pretty much every frame, he deserves so much praise as he steals each and every scene and goes beyond the call of duty as both a forlorn vagrant and, later, a buoyant optimist, when given (what would seem) a second chance. Nightmarish Conjurings: Michael Pare does a great job, making you love him for the down & outer that he is, while simultaneously hating him for what his actions have wrought upon the people he claims to love. Pare is just as sympathetic here as he was as Eddie Wilson in "Eddie and the Crusiers". His acting here is top notch, something you don't come to expect from horror.

August 2nd TRADED is released on dvd!!

Have you ordered your copy of Traded yet??

courtesy: Status Media and Entertainment

The Infiltrator hits theaters nationwide on July 13

The Infiltrator starring Bryan Cranston hits theaters everywhere on July 13.

The Infiltrator is a crime suspense drama film directed by Brad Furman and written by his mother Ellen Brown Furman, based on the autobiography of Robert Mazur, a U.S. Customs special agent. Mazur helps bust Pablo Escobar's money-laundering organization by using his alias, 'Bob Musella.' The film stars Bryan Cranston, Diane Kruger, Benjamin Bratt, John Leguizamo, Amy Ryan and our man Michael Pare. Filming began in February 2015.

In The Infiltrator, Michael plays Barry Seal, a former pilot who became a drug smuggler, was recruited later on by the DEA to provide intelligence. Oh, Michael put on 35 lbs (15 kg) for the part. Will Tom Cruise gain weight for his Barry Seal, too, in upcoming Mena?

Despite his short cameo appearance, the critics love Michael!

"Michael Pare ? you got it, Eddie from "Eddie and the Cruisers" ?as a great five-minute cameo."

"As a doomed informant, Michael Pare gets to deliver a colorful spiel on politics that works as a concise character portrait."
The Hollywood Reporter

Two stand-out sequences which make-up for a bit of the slack include a brief appearance from Michael Pare, and an intense moment in a restaurant where Mazur's wife witnesses a side of her husband she's never seen during a desperate attempt to maintain his cover.
ion cinema

Furman's best decisions are almost entirely in the cast, which he has filled with solid actors even in some of the smaller parts. Jason Isaacs and Michael Pare show up for a scene here or there, growl out their lines, and depart, but as small as it is, it floats some of the hoarier moments and makes them bearable.

June 10: TRADED opens in theaters across the US!

In Timothy Woodward Jr.'s western TRADED, Michael plays the lead role as Clay, a former outlaw to rescue and bring his daughter home. Billy (Kris Kristofferson) helps Clay to confront the ruthless Stover (Trace Adkins).

TRADED will be released on June 10 Friday in theaters across the US, including New York, Los Angeles, Austin, Dallas, Houston, Phoenix, Denver, Chicago, Minneapolis, Atlanta and Nashville.

February 10: Michael in a new family movie "Nessie and Me" Jim Wynorski directs.

A 9-year-old boy moves to a lakeside village and befriends a captain who claims a mythical sea creature named Nessie lives in their peaceful waters. When Nessie proves to be real, the boy embarks on a special mission to save the town from a corporate villain and prove that anything is possible if you just believe.


courtesy: Jim Wynorski

September 13: Congratulations! Best Actor for 4GOT10 at Burbank International Film Festival

Michael won Best Actor honors at the 7th Burbank International Film Festival for his role in 4GOT10, a thriller directed by Timothy Woodward Jr., also starring Dolph Lundgren, Danny Trejo and Johnny Messner.

Best Actor for 4GOT10 (Official Blog)

March 27: Sicilian Vampire now filming in Canada

Frank D'Angelo writes and directs the story of loyalty and trust. Coming Fall 2015.

Here is the principle cast of Sicilian Vampire. See James Caan, Armand Assante and Robert Davi. - Michael

January 12: Eddie and The Cruisers I/II: Eddie Lives! Heading to Blu-ray on April 14

Eddie and The Cruisers / Eddie & The Cruisers II: Eddie Lives! [Double Feature] will finally make its long-awaited debut on Blu-ray. Shout Factory has just announced that they will release two Eddie movies in a double feature Blu-ray on April 14, 2015.


  • Format: Blu-ray, Region A
  • Number of Discs: 1
  • Run Time: 94 / 105 Minutes
  • Aspect Ratio: 1.85 : 1
  • Subtitles: English
  • Closed Caption: No

Courtesy Shout Factor

December 29: New photo from John Fallon's The Shelter.

Michael stars in this psychological thriller as Thomas Jacob, a homeless widower, who stumbles across a vast and inviting, but puzzling house.

October 31: La Trattoria

Teaser trailer now on-line. Bon Appetit!

October 31: Michael plays an arms dealer in a new action flick HUNTED shot in Ontario

"Expendables" meets the "A-Team" in this full throttle action film, where a group of skilled mercenaries find themselves betrayed by the US government and are forced to fight their way out of an ambush by a new, and lethal team of human droids. (Kathryn Brinton)

Mitch Gould (director), Jo Marr and Robert Reynolds.
Well here I am up at Parry Bay Ontario shooting "The Hunted" with Louis Mandylor and my old friends Oleg Taktarov and Natassia Malthe.--Michael

Michael's character is named Karl Kess, an arms dealer.

I play an arms dealer that is selling remote controlled Terminators to the CIA and the Pentagon. - Michael

Michael often tweets from the set. Let's follow him on Twitter.

with Louis Mandylor

October 6: Michael and Kurt Russell in BONE TOMAHAWK

Michael joined BONE TOMAHAWK starring Kurt Russell during the filming of DECOMMISSIONED.



on the set of DECOMMISSIONED

Michael now shooting DECOMMISSIONED with Johnny Messner.
Michael teams up again with Timothy Woodward Jr. who directs DECOMMISSIONED following 24 HOURS and CHECKMATE.

Working with Tim Woodward Jr. again. Decommissioned, staring John Messner. What a thrill. - Michael

on the set of DECOMMISSIONED



Michael's first sitcom LA TRATTORIA
LA TRATTORIA is the story of a small restaurant. Michael shot the pilot of his first sitcom with Doris Roberts (Everybody Loves Raymond).

September 25: New film NO DEPOSIT: now filming in Canada

on the set of No Deposit

Michael is shooting Frank D'Angelo's NO DEPOSIT with Peter Coyote, Eric Roberts, Daniel Baldwin, Michael Madsen, Paul Sorvino and Doris Roberts - All in all great cast. Michael in the film has hair cropped very short and "Loyalty forever" tattoo to get right into his character. Surprise? It's a must see!

on the set of No Deposit

This is from "NO DEPOSIT", what I'm shooting with Frank D'Angelo now. Yes, this is the scene when they shave my head. - Michael

July 15: Michael starts shooting OPERATOR
Michael starts shooting OPERATOR starring Ving Rhames and Luke Goss. Mischa Barton is in as the operator.

I am in Georgia now working with Ving Rhames and Mischa Barton. - Michael

Michael tweets about working on the OPERATOR set: follow him at Twitter @mikekevinpare.

July 14: THE VATICAN TAPES gets a release date of February 27, 2015
Michael just finished filming Edgar Allan Poe's short story "The Cask of Amontillado" directed by Monica Tidwell.

Director Mark Neveldine announced that this horror thriller will be in theaters in next February. A video tape leaked from the Vatican Church reveals a Vatican exorcism gone very awry. It is the haunting tale of 27-year-old Angela Holmes (Olivia Dudley), an ordinary girl who begins to have a devastating effect on anyone close to her, causing serious injury and death. The local priest, Father Lozano (Michael Pena) believes she is possessed...

Michael's character is Det. Harris.

THE VATICAN TAPES In Theaters: Feb 27, 2015 Wide

July 8,: Michael teamed up again with Director/Producer Timothy Woodward Jr. to make CHECKMATE
Michael teamed up again with Director/Producer Timothy Woodward Jr. to make CHECKMATE, a dramatic thriller with distinct spiritual undertones. The cast includes Danny Glover, Vinnie Jones, Sean Astin, Mischa Barton and more.

I worked on a movie for a few days that Danny Glover is in here in LA. It is called CHECKMATE. I play a swat captain that responds to a bank robbery. Tim Woodward is a very creative director. - Michael

Six people are thrown together during an elaborate bank heist where any move can alter the outcome. Is it coincidence, or are they merely pawns in a much bigger game.

The film has a "Crash" like feel as it is such an ensemble cast where every character is connected. CHECKMATE is due for release in the U.S in 2015.

June 20: Michael in Edgar Allan Poe's The Cask of Amontillado
Michael just finished filming Edgar Allan Poe's short story "The Cask of Amontillado" directed by Monica Tidwell.

What is Montresor thinking when he says, In pace requiescat?The Cask of Amontillado is a story about two very proud men, Fortunato and Montresor, at a carnival. Montresor is being eaten by jealousy, and Fortunato, a rich drunk man that prides himself in knowing the Italian vintages.

This is one of three short films Monica has done and will be released as a collection. One, DH Lawrence one Poe and I don't know the other.
Lee is a great actor to work with, plenty of film and stage experience.My second time with Ken (Kelsch, 100 FEET), the director is Monica Tidwell.
Ms. Best (Martisse Best) was wonderful to work with and we did the most romantic scene I've done in years, thanks to Ken. - Michael

What is Montresor thinking when he says, In pace requiescat?
Pictures from the set of The Cask of Amontillado will tell you who is who.
Courtesy John Davenport

February 5: 24 HOURS (working title) directed by Timothy Woodward Jr. starts filming this week in LA.

I start another movie with Danny Trejo next week end called 24 Hours.
- Michael Pare'

Follow Producer Geoff Browne @GeoffBrowne as he tweets and updates about his 24 Hours project on Twitter.

January 6: THE SHELTER starts January in Louisiana.
Michael is now in Louisiana to play the lead role of Thomas in John Fallon's feature length directorial debut THE SHELTER, which he also wrote. Michael has also been credited as executive producer.

The Shelter is not a horror film but more like Crime and Punishment. It tells a great and painful tragedy. Not about global disaster or war or economic collapse but of the individual human heart. - Michael Pare

Fallon said about Michael's casting:
Michael Par? was the first name on my list; in fact, I had him in mind when I wrote the script. He's my kind of guy; straightforward, committed, intelligent and humble. He is also very talented. Elated to have him on-board!'' - Posted by Donny Broussard

On a star filled night, widower and homeless man Thomas (Michael Pare) finds shelter for the night when he falls upon a vast two story house with the lights on and an inviting open front door. He strolls on in thinking he just caught a lucky break and for a while, it would appear as though he did. Inside, with nobody in sight, he finds all of the comforts that he used to have. After taking a bath, feasting wholeheartedly on some food and relishing the silliness on the tube, he gets some well-earned shut eye.

All is well until a restless Thomas wakes up in a panic and finds a loaded revolver resting on his lap. Baffled, he picks up the weapon, checks the barrel and notes that it is fully loaded. A visceral sense of unease invades him immediately. Something is very wrong and he decides that it is time to leave. Alas he finds out swiftly that the premises won't let him depart so quickly. The doors are all locked, and the windows puzzlingly cannot be opened or broken. Destiny has brought Thomas to this place. Will he survive the ordeal?

THE SHELTER is a motion picture written and directed by John Fallon and starring Michael Pare.

November 28: January 4/5, 2014 - Michael will be appearing at Celebrity Autographs Signing Convention in Los Angeles.
Join Hollywood Show for some fun! It's the best known autograph show in the Hollywood area. It is held at Loews Hollywood Hotel, with actors, writers, performers, collectors and celebrities coming together to meet fans and autograph pictures and merchandise.

Michael will be in attendance on January 4th and 5th. Houston Knights buddy Michael Beck will be appearing, too.

1755 North Highland Avenue, Hollywood, California, 90028, USA
January 4th Sat 10am-5pm, 5th Sun 11am-4pm

October 22: Michael's western The Hunt for Johnny Ringo directed by Brett Kelly
Johnny Ringo (Mike Tarp), an American outlaw of the 1880s, noted for his deadly fast draw, teams up with his nemesis William "Bat" Masterson (Lawrence Evenchick) in order to stop a counterfeit Ringo from committing crimes in his name. In this western Michael joined the cast as Sheriff Atherton. Most of the scenes were shot this fall in Embrun and Newcastle, Ontario, Canada.

"We have six days to shoot 84 minutes. A Hollywood-produced movie would probably take two months. We have it down to a science." - Director Brett Kelly

The Hunt For Johnny Ringo is scheduled for release on DVD and likely on Netflix.

October 22: The Big Fat Stone directed by Frank D'Angelo
Michael and Nick Mancuso work together again for Frank D'Angelo's The Big Fat Stone.

I just finished doing another movie with Frank D'Angelo. A great story with a great cast and crew. - Michael

October 22: Fight Street - Just announced
Director Ross Clarkson: Michael has just joined the cast of Fight Street, an exciting martial arts film to be filmed in Thailand.

Stay tuned for more info!

October 9: Michael Joins Chuck Hank And The San Diego Twins

Jonathan Keevil (director), Tyler Dawson and Evan Glodell behind the Mad Max-like fire-breathing "Bellflower" teamed up for a follow-up feature Chuck Hank And the San Diego Twins.

Just wrapped Chuck Hank and the San Diego Twins. What a great experience with young inspired film makers! My character's name is Warrant. Don Frye (Ditsy) and I are the old guard of the San Diego family. - Michael

Following a successful crowdfund raise, production kicked off this September on Chuck Hank, the follow-up from the filmmakers behind Sundance 2011 hit Bellflower.

Here's the official synopsis:
A turf war has been raging in Oldtown for generations. On one side, The Syndicate - an evil gang of crank-head misfits, who has been set on muscling the San Diego family out of the parcel of land they own in the center of town. On the other side, the San Diego family: Tony and Johnny - twin brothers, and their sister Salsa are the last of a bloodline that stretches back for generations. Their mother, father and brothers were all brutally murdered in a violent clash with The Syndicate years earlier. With their neighborhood becoming increasingly fearful, The Syndicate puts into action another evil advance on their family's fading legacy by kidnapping Salsa - all hell breaks loose. The twins and their best friend Chuck Hank must decide whether to hand over the deed to their families land in order to save their sister or fight, the final fight!

Chuck Hank is slated to be released in 2014.

CROWDFUND LAUNCH DAY 2 from jonathan on Vimeo.

Johnny Tortured by Coatwolf from jonathan on Vimeo.

CHUCK HANK INTERVIEWS from jonathan on Vimeo.


July 29: Michael enjoys the filming of The Vatican Tapes by Mark Neveldine (Crank)
Michael is now filming of Mark Neveldine's The Vatican Tapes in LA, a thriller which follows the haunting tale of 27-year-old ordinary girl Angela (Olivia Dudley). Angela begins to have a devastating effect on people around her, causing death. Father Lozano (Michael Pena) believes she is possessed, but when the Vatican big wigs (Djimon Hounsou, Peter Andersson) are called from the Vatican to exorcise the demon, it proves to be an ancient satanic force more powerful than they imagined. Michael's role is a small part in a big movie though.

The Vatican Tapes is going to be really cool,
Mark Neveldine is great to work with. - Michael on Twitter, July 30

The Vatican Tapes to be released in 2014.

July 29: FINALLY, Streets of Fire To Be Released on Blu-Ray This Fall!
Our all-time move Streets of Fire is tentatively slated to be released on Blu-Ray this fall in UK. Michael did exclusive interview this month for the documentary, which is included as one of the Blu-ray bonus features. In addition to Michael's exclusive, the documentary also includes interviews with Director Walter Hill and Amy "McCoy" Madigan - Golden trio of Streets of Fire! Stay tuned for more information.

July 29: How Sweet It Is qualified for 2014 Academy Awards/Grammys coming out September 10 on VOD.
Michael's first musical comedy HOW SWEET IT IS starring Joe Piscopo comes out September 10th on Video On Demand. Michael plays Mike, son of Big Mike Paul Sorvino, who is a Mafia Don and musical lover. The original songs are strong and melodically beautiful.

TRY and BITE OF OUR LIVES from How Sweet It Is qualified for the 2014
Academy Awards for: original song and original score
Grammys for: original song, original score and original soundtrack

We are awaiting nominations. - Rick Finkelstein, producer

July 5: Real Gangsters won Best Canadian Film at Italian Contemporary Film Festival (ICFF) 2013.
Real Gangsters - conceived, directed, produced/starred in by Torontonian Frank D'Angelo - tells the story of the Lo Giacomo family, one of the most successful crime syndicates in New York, featuring Michael Pare', Nick Mancuso, Robert Loggia, Robert Mangiardi, John Savage, Steven Bauer and Margot Kidder.

Michael plays the right hand man Frankie D'Cecco to Jack Lo Giacomo (D'Angelo), who follows Jack's orders but helps Jack determine a path to justice with a right word.

The film will be screened at The 9th Annual Action On Film International Film Festival in Monrovia CA (August 16-24).

For more information visit

June 26: Real Gangsters premieres this Sunday June 30 in ICFF, Toronto.
Michael will be in Toronto for the Canadian premier of Real Gangsters during the Italian Contemporary Film Festival on June 30, Sunday. The film created and directed by Frank D'Angelo also stars Robert Loggia, John Savage, Margot Kidder and Robert Mangiardi.

Hey I will be at the Italian Contemporary Film Festival this week end for the Canadian premiere of Real Gangsters. Can't wait to see Frank D'Angelo and Nick Mancuso at the ICFF and watch Real Gangsters together. See you there! - Michael

June 6: Special message from Allison Burnett
GONE goes to theaters 15th June all across Japan. Allison Burnett, writer and bestselling novelist and writer/director of his novel adaptation Undiscovered Gyrl, posts his special message to the audience.

Allison Burnett:
These days, so many thrillers rely on horrific violence, bloodshed, and the supernatural to create their thrills. Character is sacrificed on the altar of sensation and spectacle. Find Out is an old-fashioned thriller, relying on character to create its story. Ultimately it's about being the challenge in believing in yourself when the world does not. Jill, the heroine, so brilliantly played by the beautiful and talented Amanda Seyfried, has no one to rely on but herself. This is one of the few thrillers where no man assists the heroine. In fact, the men only get in the way. Jill is a thoroughly modern, empowered young woman....
I hope Michael Pare is as proud to be part of this film, as we were to have him in the cast. He plays the police lieutenant with just the right unsettling blend of skepticism and compassion.

Production Note supervised by Writer Allison Burnett
Allison Burnett, the writer of many feature films, wrote this film entirely on speculation. It all began when producer Chris Salvaterra brought him the idea of a girl buried in a deep hole in the middle of the forest. Chris had no idea what would happen next, but he couldn't get the image out of his mind. Soon after, Burnett discovered that he too couldn't banish the image. His journey to write "Find Out" had begun.
Exploring possibilities for the story, Burnett said that at first he couldn't even begin to imagine how the story would unfold. "I was completely at a loss as to what would happen to Jill, but I decided to discover the story in the writing. To follow the clues exactly as Jill does. I knew that what was unpredictable to me would be unpredictable to the audience." The script was finished in eight weeks and delivered to Lakeshore Enterntainment at 9:00 in the morning. In less than two hours, Tom Rosenberg called Burnett and told him, "I'll make this movie."
Rosenberg says: "The power of this script is that it is based on reality. The story takes place in one day and reminded me of Hitchcock's classics. This is a thriller thoughtfully calculated until everything becomes clear in the end, the psychological elements are strong, and the plot twists and turns at a furious speed." Gary Lucchesi admires the script, too. "I seized on the idea as a great one and devoted all my energy to this production. Some film projects take forever to get to production. Others move quickly. Luckily, FIND OUT was one of the latter." Burnett adds: "What I am most proud of is that there is almost no violence in this film, and yet the audience is terrified."

June 1: World premiere of Real Gangsters at HIFF:
Michael walked the red carpet with Robert Loggia and creator Frank D'Angelo at Middletown's Paramount Theater opening night.

Michael, Robert Loggia, Frank D'Angelo at the opening gala party

Michael: "Real Gangsters" sold out at the Hoboken International Film Festival and the audience loved it.

Frank D'Angelo also tweeted, "What a night Great people packed the LEGENDARY Paramount Theater 2 see our movie "Real Gangsters" Thx 2 the Great people in Middletown NY."

Real Gangsters, a realistic mob film, is scheduled to premiere in Toronto.
June 30, 9:00PM
TIFF Bell Lightbox, 350 King St W, Toronto

New song "Dreamer" written and performed by Frank D'Angelo is the soundtrack for "Real Gangsters." Meet singer Michael in this music video.

May 28: Meet Michael at the Hoboken International Film Festival
Meet Michael at the Hoboken International Film Festival. He'll be there for his two movies: Brian Herzlinger's musical comedy HOW SWEET IT IS and Frank D'Angelo's REAL GANGSTERS.

HOW SWEET IT IS - 6:00PM Paramount Theater, Middletown, NY -- $11
Directed by Brian Herzlinger and written Brian and Jay Black
Paul Sorvino, Burt Reynolds, Michael Pare, Erika Christensen, Eddie Griffin, Joe Piscopo

An alcoholic theater owner needs to put together a successful musical in order to pay off his mob debt, but problems arise when the wise guys want to cast their friends in the production. Michael plays Mike Sorino, son of Don Paul Sorvino. HOW SWEET is a happy comedy with a bit of tears.

REAL GANGSTERS - 6:00PM Paramount Theater, Middletown, NY -- $11
Created by Frank D'Angelo
A new-style mob film, starring: Michael Pare, Steven Bauer (Scarface, Raising Cain), Margor Kidder (Superman movies), John Savage (The Deer Hunter, Hair), Nick Mancuso (Under Seige, Ticket to Heaven), Johnny Williams (Goodfellas) Frank D'Angelo (Being Frank), and Robert Loggia (Scarface, Independence Day, Big).

Real Gangsters is the story of the most successful crime syndicates Lo Giacomo family in New York City. Run by cousins Vincent (Nick Mancuso) and Jack (Frank D'Angelo) Real Gangsters shows how these two men maintain control of their dangerous extended family by very different means. Vincent is the politician, the man who always has a plan to help keep the peace. Jack is the muscle, the hot head, ruthless and uncompromising he lives in the moment. Unfortunately for these two men, these two philosophies don't always work together. Real Gangsters is an adrenalin rush. A constant roller coaster ride of classic crime, class acts, and the thrill that comes from living life on the edge, one day at a time, when at any moment you may have to put your life on the line to serve and protect the family.

Michael is a right-hand man of Jack Lo Giacomo (Frank D'Angelo).

April 24: "How Sweet It Is" Rick Finkelstein/Executive Producer
HOW SWEET IT IS opens May 10 at the selected AMC Theatres. A special invitation from Producer Rick Finkelstein is for you guys. Let's sing and dance with Michael in his first musical comedy!

Factory Entertainment Group is extremely excited for the long awaited Theatrical Premier of their latest motion picture "How Sweet It Is" on May 10th 2013. "How Sweet It Is" will open in New York, New Jersey and Los Angeles and is expecting to sell out night after night. We are also anticipating Award nominations for Original Music. This movie will touch your heart and make you laugh at the same time. Truly a fun experience for the whole family. - Rick Finkelstein (CEO/Executive Producer)

April 18: HOW SWEET IT IS opens in targeted AMC Theaters May 10 Friday!
Michael makes a musical comedy debut with HOW SWEET IT IS starring Joe Piscopo and Paul Sorvino. The flick opens May 10 Friday in the targeted AMC Theaters LA, NY and NJ. Legendary Burt Reynolds also appears as himself.
AMC Norwalk 20
12300 E. Civic Center Drive, Norwalk (562)864-5516
AMC Loews Village 7
66 Third Ave (11th St.) New York (212)982-2116
AMC Loews Ridgefield Park 12
75 Challenger Road, Ridgefield Park, NJ (201)440-9178

Michael Pare and Paul Sorvino

The film was written by Brian Herzlinger and Jay Black, and directed by up-and-coming Brian Herzlinger. This hilarious musical comedy focuses on the life of a down-on-his-luck, alcoholic theatre owner named Jack Cosmo (Joe Piscopo). He is in danger of losing the one thing he cares about most because he is in debt to the mob. However, Jack has one last chance to save his legendary musical theatre, and it all hinges on his new musical production called "How Sweet It Is," which must have a strong opening night. This might not be a problem, except that the mob boss Big Mike (Paul Sorvino) fancies himself a casting director and insists on a cast of deadbeats and criminals that owe him money and misfit play the parts. Jack doesn't have a choice but to go along with the plan.

My character is Mike Sorino. I play Paul Sorvino's son. Paul is a mafia Don,
Joe Piscopo is a down and out producer who owes my father gambling money.
When Paul finds out who Joe is he forces him to produce a show for him.
Legendary Burt Reynolds appears as himself! - Michael Pare

Directed by Brian Herzlinger, Produced by Steven Chase, Rick Finkelstein, Suzanne DeLaurentiis (Month of Sundays), Ivan Kavalsky, Keith Weiner and Matthew L. Weiner. This hilarious movie will absolutely amaze you. AND the movie has a very happy ending!

HOW SWEET IT IS opens May 10 Friday!!! Let's get togehter at the theaters!

February 27: BAILOUT goes to Soho Film Fest in New York.
Uwe Boll's BAILOUT: The Age of Greed is scheduled to screen in Soho International Film Festival in New York, April 7, 2013, Sunday at 6:30pm, Red Carpet at 6:00pm. The film will be screened at the main 300-seat theater of the Landmark Sunshine Cinema in downtown Manhattan.

BAILOUT is a thriller where a guy actually strikes back and starts killing all the investment bankers. Bailout follows Jim (Dominic Purcell), an average New Yorker who loses everything because of the 2008 Wall Street financial crisis, and who strikes back by targeting investment bankers for assassination.

Michael's character in BAILOUT is a bright side to this film - it's a hope, faith and a source of healing.

My character name is Frank, me and my partner Freddy (Keith David) are Jim's best friends, we have lunch together regularly. We are cops and Jim and Sean are security guards. We share similar views about the corruption and abuse by the bankers and stockbrokers. - Michael

November 29: A remake of the 1954 Sinatra movie: Filming starts soon next month
Michael is currently preparing for the filming of a remake of the 1954 movie "Suddenly" which originally starred Frank Sinatra as a professional hit-man posing as an FBI agent in an electrifying performance. The new update is directed by Uwe Boll who will bring this great story to screens again in a new way for modern audiences, with Michael, Dominic Purcell and Ray Liotta.

Well this cracking thriller is definitely one to keep your eye on!

November 14: Exclusive Interview at 2012 AFM
Michael showed up at AFM for the premiere screening of BAILOUT: The Age of Greed and for promoting HOW SWEET IT IS. Michael talks about these films.

October 31: Sneak peek of How Sweet It Is on October 27 in Florida
Factory Entertainment Group will host the sneak preview screening of How Sweet It Is at Muvico Promano Theater in Pompano Beach, FL.

This hilarious musical comedy, directed by Brian Herzlinger, produced by Rick Finkelstein et al and written by Brain Herzlinger and Jay Black, focuses on the life of alcoholic theater owner Jack Cosmo (Joe Piscopo). He is in danger of losing the theater because he is in debt to the mob. Problem arise when the mob boss (Paul Sorvino) wants to cast deadbeats and criminals that owe him money. Jack has no choice, direct a hit or die trying. Michael plays son of the mob boss. How Sweet It is is coming soon to theaters.

October 17: October 17 Wed, PollyGrind Film Festival in Las Vegas
Let's celebrate Michael's Best Actor Award for his unforgettable portrayal in Road To Hell! October 17 Wed, PollyGrind Film Festival in Las Vegas.

The POLLYGRIND film festival presents the main event of opening night film, a U.S. premiere of ROAD TO HELL. Join the stars of Road To Hell Michael Pare', Clare Kramer, Deborah Van Valkenburch and Roxy Gunn in the Red Carpet event and screening.

Red Carpet begins at 6PM, Screening at 7PM at Rave Motion Picture Cinemas in Town Square, 6605 South Las Vegas Blvd. in Las Vegas.

Free admission plus after screening party 9PM at Coconuts featuring a live performance of songs from Road To Hell by The Roxy Gunn Project.

Congratulations on Best Actor Award!

September 18: Michael on Twitter
Michael has made a Twitter debut! He is now on Twitter. Come visit and follow Michael on Twitter.

September 18: Best Actor Award

Congratulations on winning the award for Best Actor at the PollyGrind Film Festival for ROAD TO HELL. PollyGrind announces RTH as opening night film.

ROAD TO HELL, fresh from its best picture win at the YFIFF, is the main event of the festival and premieres October 17 as opening night film at Rave Motion Pictures (6587 Las Vegas Boulevard South Las Vegas, NV 89119). Get ready for its U.S. premiere!

September 10: ROAD TO HELL won Best Picture in YFIFF.
RTH premiered on Sept. 7 in Belfast Northern Ireland at YFIFF or Yellow Fever Independent Film Festival.

Well, ROAD TO HELL was the last film to screen in the Yellow Fever independent Film Festival and the film was really well received. Lots of Applause and I think the audience was a little stunned. But they liked it enough to award the film "Best Picture" which was a thrill and so satisfying after so many years of effort. Everyone loved Michael's performance and really thought he was excellent and moving. It really was the reaction Michael should always get. His movie star icon status has never shined brighter. - Albert Pyun

August 31: How Sweet It Is: the trailer is now on YouTube
Michael looks awesome in this with Joe Piscopo and Paul Sorvino.

How Sweet It Is is coming soon!

This hilarious musical comedy focuses on the life of a down-on-his-luck, alcoholic theater owner named Jack. He is in danger of losing the one thing he cares about most because he is in debt to the mob. However, Jack has one last chance to save his legendary musical theater, and it all hinges on his new musical production called "How Sweet It Is," which must have a strong opening night. This might not be a problem, except that the mob boss fancies himself a casting director and insists his crony friends and misfits play the parts. Jack doesn't have a choice but to go along with the plan. -

My character is Mike Sorino. I play Paul Sorvino's son. Paul is a mafia Don, Joe Piscopo is a down and out producer who owes my father gambling money. When Paul finds out who Joe is he forces him to produce a show for him. - Michael

Stay tuned for more details.

August 20: THE COME UP goes to San Diego Film Festival this fall!
This kinda experimental film, THE COME UP, the producer describes "in both its irreverence and obvious love for the world of the cinematic" was accepted to premiere at the 2012 San Diego Film Festival. The production announced it today.

We've just been notified that we were accepted to the 2012 San Diego Film Festival! As soon as we find out the exact screening date, we will let everyone know, but for now mark down September 29th - October 3rd as a chance to see THE COME UP on a big festival screen in San Diego.

THE COME UP was filmed late 2011. Michael plays a Hollywood producer.

Brad Furman (The Lincoln Lawyer) called me and suggested I take the role of a Hollywood producer, for his friend Kirk Sullivan in The Come Up.
It was fun and I hope I will get a few laughs.
Funny we shot on the Warner Bros. Back lot on the same streets we shot Streets Of Fire. - Michael

Keep your eye on next announcement!

August 14: Amphibious: Creature of the Deep goes to DVD in US on October 9
Marine biologist Skylar Shane (Janna Fassert) hires an expert charter boat captain, Jack Bowman (Michael), to help her find prehistoric life form samples in the north Sumatran Sea. During the expedition they meet a gang of smugglers headquartered on a fishing platform in the middle of the sea with a young orphan boy Tamal (Monica Sayangbati) among them who begs Skylar to take him away. She empathizes with the boy, who reminds her of her lost daughter, Rebecca, and is determined to help him, not knowing what lurks beneath the dark inky water, waiting to surface. Ever since Tamal arrived, mysterious things begin to happen, until one by one the smugglers will be killed by the terrifying creature from the deep. In the middle of an eerie, violent storm, the animus inside Tamal grows stronger, calling for the ancient creature of his nightmares...

My character's name is Jack Bowman, a veteran of the first Gulf War and now retired and running a charter fishing and tour boat in Indonesia. A scientist hires me to take her out to a reef to do some research on the impact of global warming. Jack is reminiscent of Hans Solo in the original Star Wars, nothing to corrupt but heroic when there is no one else around. We end up rescuing some children that have been sold to some fishermen as laborers and then the "Monster attacks." - Michael

The film was originally shot in 3D as Amphibious 3D, which premiered at LA theater Michael and the director Brian Yuzna joined.

July 19: The Philadelphia Experiment premieres Saturday July 28 at 9/8c on SyFy.
A WWII battleship vanished into the night in 1943 and returns in the 21st century. When an attempt to recreate the government experiment goes wrong to rip a hole in the fabric of space/time, the sole survivor (Nicholas Lea) must band together with his physicist granddaughter (Emilie Ullerup) to stop the ship before it tears the Earth apart.

Michael starring in the original makes a cameo appearance. Malcolm McDowell plays the original scientist behind the "Philadelphia Experiment," who is now in hiding from the government.

Past and Present Collide on Saturday July 28 at 9/8c on Syfy Channel.

July 19: Maximum Conviction: a new trailer now on YouTube
Michael adds his special flavor to this action-packed movie.

July 19: R.E.M. coming soon on Machinima

R.E.M. is a SF thriller/YouTube series pilot. In the dangerously overpopulated world of 2954, citizens wake for only one day each week and sleep the other six days. The capsule-bed system brings health and harmony. There's one loophole. Nightmares.

In this SF thriller REM, I play a character Sgt. Saito. REM will air soon on Machinima. I saw it recently and I believe the writer director Matthew Cooke is very talented. - Michael

The year is 2984 and there are 212 billion people living on earth. In order to cope with population pressure, human beings are awake only one day per week. They spend the remaining six days sleeping in capsule beds, sharing their possessions with six fellow sleepers. The system ensures peace, stability, and democracy. Dr. Saito and her husband Joe are on the cusp of a scientific breakthrough that could allow for humans to inhabit others planets. Their plans are halted when bio-terrorists infect thousands of citizens with a deadly virus, including their son.

May 1: Starhunter: Let's join Starfield Audiences
Michael: Your support is so valuable to the making of this project, I hope we make something we can all be proud of and enjoy.

If you really want Dante Montana back, let's join Starfield Audiences Philip Jackson, producer of Starhunter, has opened up on Facebook to ask whether fans support the relaunch. Let's all join Starfield Audiences to show our support for Dante who will definitely make Starhunter even more captivating as he did in the first season.

Aplil 29: Trailer for The Snapshot is now on YouTube.
Well, Michael is the President of the United States and he will be leading us into the world of an entertaining thriller. Catch a glimpse of the storyline and our favorite "President" here.

This thought-provoking and entertaining film, The Snapshot directed by Eric Etebari is slated for a world premiere next month at the Hoboken International Film Festival.

When: June 3, 2011 at 6:00 p.m.
Where: Cedar Lane Cinemas, 503 Cedar Lane, Teaneck, NJ 07666
Festival: June 1 - June 7, 2012
official site:

April 16: Michael's new challenge - a musical comedy "HOW SWEET IT IS"

Michael is taking on a new challenge - a musical comedy "How Sweet It Is" produced by Suzanne DeLaurentis ("A Months of Sundays" starring Rod Steiger), directed by Brian Herzlinger. Michael is getting ready for laughs this time and delighted at the opportunity to work with the legendary actors. The film is slated for a 2012 fall release.

official site:

April 16: Snapshot - World premiere at Hoboken International Film Festival

Michael will attend the opening night at the festival if his schedule permits.

When: June 3, 2011 at 6:00 p.m.
Where: Cedar Lane Cinemas, 503 Cedar Lane, Teaneck, NJ 07666
Festival: June 1 - June 7, 2012
official site:

Snapshot is an entertaining drama that was inspired as a result of tragic events including the death of Lady Diana to the recent suicide of Rutgers student.

Sometimes a picture is worth more than a thousand words.

When former paparazzi photographer Thomas (Zach McGowan) inadvertently captures a scandalous, revealing shot of the First Lady (Joyce DeWitt), he has to confront a life threatening danger as this drama unfolds, causing grave concerns for the safety of his family. Michael plays the President in this drama. Michael's friend, Eric Etebari directs and Robert Borneman writes this drama focusing on the issue of weighing "the public's right to know against an individual's right to privacy in a dramatic and entertaining manner."

April 16: The Bailout - Uwe Boll's action thriller

Filming already started in Vancouver, Canada. Bailout is an action thriller directed by Dr. Uwe Boll. Jim (Dominic Purcell), an average New Yorker, who loses everything because of the 2008 Wall Street financial crisis, strikes back by targeting investment bankers for assassination.

My character name is Frank, me and my partner Freddy are Jim's best friends, we have lunch together regularly. We are cops and Jim and Sean are security guards. We share similar views about the corruption and abuse by the bankers and stockbrokers. - Michael

April 2: Starhunter Relaunch - Dante may return

Michael and Producer G. Philip Jackson are talking about Starhunter relaunch. The idea is to weave the character of Dante Montana into the 2nd season and make him return to the show for a new season. Brilliant!

Recently my old friend Philip Jackson has asked me if I would be interested in weaving my character Dante into the second season of Starhunter for a re-release of that series and the intention to do season 3. what do my friends in "the club" think of this idea?
If you think Starhunter would be a good idea please post on Starfield audiences so we can get an idea how it will go over.- Michael

It'll be so NICE to see the reunion of Dante and his niece Percy (Tanya Allen)

March 27: Snapshot

A new film "Snapshot" directed by Eric Etebari is now filming in New Jersey, Fort Lee. Michael takes on the role of President in this drama.

I play the president of the USA . Eric is very interesting and stimulating to work with. I can't wait to see the results. - Michael

official site:
Eric Etebari:
Michael with his Secret Service Agent Lex:

Interesting tagline is "Sometimes a picture is worth more than a thousand words." Former paparazzi photographer Thomas Grady's most recent picture is certainly worth a lot more. Thomas (Zach McGowan from TV series Shameless) is haunted by a mysterious professional and personal past, which he is thrust back into when he inadvertently captures a scandalous, revealing shot of one of the world's most prominent and beloved figures-the First Lady (Joyce DeWitt). What ensues is a terrific conflict of morals, love and money. Selling the picture could resolve all of his professional and financial troubles, but it will also force him to deal with his mysterious personal demons and ethical struggles. Thomas also has to confront the love of his life, as this photo puts the true nature of their relationship to a test. And even more so, a life threatening danger exists as this drama unfolds, causing grave concerns for the safety of Thomas' family. - Summary written by Robert Borneman

March 7: REM on Machinima

Michael challenges new media called "machinima" which has sprung out lately. Machinima is a loose hybrid of the words "machine" and "cinema" and is originally used to describe the process of creating real-time animation by manipulating a videogame’s engine and assets. T people think even though this technology is only two years old, it will compete with pixar in the future when it comes to making film or television. Michael joined the project REM, Machinima's original series.

This is a character I play in soon to be released REM on Machinima
a YouTube series pilot. - Michael

He plays Sgt. Saito. Check out Machinima's YouTube Channels.

February 21: Michael on Red Carpet - Hollywood February 21
Michael attends the Hollywood premiere of his new movie Gone at ArcLight Cinemas on February 21, Tuesday. You can see a bunch of his images on the Net.

February 12: 'Gone' Behind the Scenes 1

February 12: New Batch of Images for GONE
Here is URL.
You may get some idea of what the film looks like visually. Enjoy ... Until Opening Day!

February 12: New clip for 'Gone'

It is so nice to see Michael on the big screen again.

If you want to do something to support him, go see this film and encourage every person you know to do. We all need to go to theaters especially on opening weekend and watch it...bring families/friends ....and go back and watch it again and's worth it. If we have a very good box office on the first weekend, the film will stay in theaters longer. So let's make it happen!

Hurry and go see this movie in theaters during opening weekend.

February 7: New TV Spot for 'Gone'

Two other trailers come out, a long one and a short TV Spot one. These trailers describe the? plot in some detail and focus more on Michael's character Lt. Ray Bozeman. Michael looks great and Amanda is awesome again in this film.

January 8: Michael plays Special Agent Dennis Powell in Leverage on TNT
Michael plays FBI Special Agent Dennis Powell in The Radio Job, Episode 17 of Leverage Season 4. Air Date: 1/8, 9:00 PM on TNT. Producer Dean Devlin directed this episode which was shot last August.

Leverage has some comedic moments. Dean is another of my favorite directors, a wonderful experience working with him on that show. He is a director in the classic sense, he thinks in montage, he comes to me after two or three takes with a subtle adjustment and puts a fine edge on the scene. - Michael

Michael is AWESOME in the episode as seen from good reviews and tweeted on the Net. Check out the sneak peek and production blog.

November 17, Watch: 'Gone' First Trailer

"She's GONE"

Here is the first official trailer for GONE featuring Mamma Mia star Amanda Seyfried.

Check out the exciting highlights with Michael's mesmerizing voice. The trailer will be in the theaters with the release of Twilight Saga this weekend. Enjoy!

November 13: Additional shooting for GONE
Courtesy Lakeshore Entertainment
Courtesy Lakeshore Entertainment
Michael goes to Portland to shoot an additional scene for GONE with Amanda Seyfried (Mamma Mia). He is really amazing in the trailer for Gone we watched at the production office a few days ago. The trailer is pretty tasty in itself.

"There are some shots of me in the trailer" - Michael

These shots are also reflected in the trailer. And a symbolic dialogue is spoken by Lt. Bozeman (Michael). GONE is slated to hit theaters February 24, 2012. You can't wait until next year when GONE comes out? Go see Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn opening this November 18 and you can catch the trailer of GONE in the theaters near you.

October 19: Wings of the Dragon, now filming in Canada
Michael is shooting a martial arts movie, Wings of the Dragon, with Michael Madsen and Alain Moussi, directed by Dimitri Logothetis (The Closer). The filming started September 23 in Motreal, Canada.

I have been working very hard as Wings of the Dragon is an action movie and when I am not shooting I am training in the Dojo with Jean Frenette. - Michael



September 12: Sounds like Sylvester Stallone wants to get Michael Pare for The Expendables 2
In a recent interview with, Stallone talks about who is on board for the sequel.

EW just posted that Chuck Norris and Jean Claude van Damme have been confirmed for The Expendables 2 with some new blood on the wish-list. It sounds like Stallone wants to get Michael for The Expendables 2. The addition of Michael is definitely cool. Let's keep our fingers crossed!

I like using people that had a moment and then maybe have fallen on some hard times and give them another shot. So we're always looking for actors like Michael Biehn and Michael Pare. I like those kinds of guys. Someone did it for me and I like to see if I can do it for them. - Sylvester Stallone

September 1, Leverage
Leverage: Michael was back from Portland where he filmed Dean Devlin's show Leverage starring Timothy Hutton. Leverage Season 4 returns this November, Sunday 9:00 PM on TNT.

Leverage, which I just finished shooting with Dean Devlin has some comedic moments. He makes TV in the vein of Steven Cannel. - Michael

August 28, Michael to appear on "House" season 8 premiere
House M.D. aka Dr. House kicks off with "Twenty Vicodin" for its eighth season's premiere episode. Michael plays a prison warden in the season premiere of House. House will return to Fox on Monday, October 3 at 9/8c.

June 23, Michael Pare at the 37th Annual Saturn Awards Red Carpet
Michael showed up on the red carpet at the 37th Annual Saturn Awards. Go check out the interview here.

June 15, Tales of the Ancient Empire: Behind the Scenes
Michael talks about Tales of the Ancient Empire in the behind-the-scenes interview, uploaded online via YouTube. Go check out and watch the sneak peek.

courtesy: Albert Pyun

Screenings for Tales of an Ancient Empire will be at Combat Con in Las Vegas - June 25 at 7:30 PM at the Tuscany Hotel, then it begins rolling out across North America, with confirmed stops in Honolulu, Southern California, Detroit, San Francisco, Louisville - FrightNight Fest, and B Movie Celebration in Indiana.

I will be at a screening at an action movie convention in Las Vegas to promote Tales of an Ancient Empire. - Michael

See a detailed article at

May 20, Gone, MEMPHIS BEAT, Red Moon
Michael has just got back from Portland where he shot GONE starring Amanda Seyfried. This mystery thriller is directed by Heitor Dhalia from a script penned by Allison Burnett. Lakeshore's Tom Rosenberg and Gary Lucchesi are producing. Summit Entertainment has reportedly set on February 24th 2012 release date for GONE.

Michael has been very busy with his new projects since this March. Before GONE he was in an episode of TV series MEMPHIS BEAT (TNT) shot in New Orleans. Michael is currently working with Albert Pyun in Nevada for the first of a couple of projects with the director. The film is a sequel to TALES OF AN ANCIENT EMPIRE entitled RED MOON.

Let's peak behind the curtains a bit.

courtesy: Albert Pyun

April 25, Return of ROAD TO HELL
Road to Hell will be finished this spring and released this summer.

March 31, Michael is awesome in The Lincoln Lawyer!
No doubt everyone that went to see The Lincoln Lawyer knew that Michael did it stunningly well - it's what we've long been waiting for. Michael' scenes are brief (too brief) but unforgettable and still quite fascinating. We hear critics' cheers and applause for Michael in this COOL movie.

Brief but memorable supporting turn as Detective Kurlen in Brad Furman's THE LINCOLN LAWYER - Mr. Beaks, Ain't It Cool News
See full article.

Michael Pare and Bryan Cranston made you realise how subtly is an art form in and of itself - AccessReel Reviews
See full article.

BIn probably one of the best cast films of the year, actors Michael Pare, Bryan Cranston and country star Trace Adkins play their parts to perfection. - Billie Tatum, We Got This Covered
See full article.

Ladies and gentlemen, Eddie lives.
Michael Pare, the star of Eddie and the Cruisers makes a triumphant return as Detective Kurlen in The Lincoln Lawyer - Brendan M. Leonard

See full article.

The Lincoln Lawyer is now playing. Let's go see LL again to make our dream come to a reality!!!

March 24, Go to theaters to make Lincoln Lawyer No. 1 at the box office!
The Lincoln Lawyer debuted at $13.4 million in which Michael makes a cameo appearance as Detective Kurlen. Limitless is over Lincoln Lawyer at 2756/2707 locations but the exit polling doesn't lie. Of all the new releases, audiences most enjoyed the positively reviewed Lincoln Lawyer, giving it an average grade of A-minus and increasing its tally. Actually, Lincoln Lawyer took the number 2 spot on 3/22.

GO SEE THE LINCOLN LAWYER to make it #1 at the box office!

March 10, Michael shows up at the premiere screening of The Lincoln Lawyer.
Hollywood (US) Premiere Thursday March 10
Location: Arclight Cinerama Dome, 6360 Sunset Blvd, in Hollywood
Red Carpet Arrivals: 5:00 pm - 7:00 pm
Guests: Matthew McConaughey, Marisa Tomei, Michael, Eric Etebari, Josh Lucas, and more
Nationwide release: March 18, Friday
Distributors: Warner Bros.

Check up at the Eric Etebari's facebook site for the reunion.
He was a go-between for Michael and Brad Furman, director of LL.

March 9, Come listen to Actor Michael Pare on MOVIE GEEKS UNITED
Today Michael talks about The Lincoln Lawyer et cetera on live radio. Oh, you missed it! Don't worry. You can listen to Michael at:
Check this very interesting talk there especially from 10:35 to 29:30!!!

March 6, Michael joins Heitor Dhalia's thriller GONE starring Amanda Seyfried (Mamma Mia!)
A thriller Gone is Dhalia's (Adrift) first English language production from a script by Allison Burnett (Untraceable, Fame). Tom Rosenberg and Gary Lucchesi are producing alongside Sidney Kimmel. "Amanda has had a remarkable career in such a short time and she is the perfect actress to play the smart and fearless heroine in 'Gone,'" producer Tom Rosenberg said in a written statement.

The movie is about a woman named Jill Parrish (Amanda Seyfried) who returns home from her night shift to find her sister's bed empty. She's convinced the serial killer who kidnapped her two years before has come back to finish the job. But the police do not believe her and Jill knows time is running out. With no one to turn to, Jill sets off to find her sister and takes matters into her own hands.

What part will Michael play in the movie? Don't be so voracious, guys - sleep and wait for more…

Principal photography is set to begin in April.

March 6, AMPHIBIOUS 3D : Watch the Trailer!

February 7, THE LINCOLN LAWYER - Guilty or NTGuilty: Watch the Spot!

January 4, Cool Dog now available on DVD
Cool Dog is released on January 4, 2011 and now available on DVD (regional code 1).
Jackson Pace is sweet, father Michael is cool and the dog is fabulous. Check out at Amazon.

December 24, The Lincoln Lawyer - 2nd trailer
New Trailer For 'The Lincoln Lawyer' which is a bit longer than the first-released version. The Brad Furman-directed film will open on March 18, 2011. Check out theatres near you.

December 16, The Lincoln Lawyer - Official still photo
Check out a new still of Michael on IMDB from Brad Furman's upcoming film The Lincoln Lawyer, following the still with the author Michael Connelly on the set.

November 18, The Lincoln Lawyer - Official Trailer
The Lincoln Lawyer: Theatrical trailer released and official site opens this week. Go to In theaters March 18, 2011.

November 18, The Lincoln Lawyer Trailer premiered in LA.

We attended a private screening of LL by invitation only in LA. The special trailer was about 10 minutes long and repeated several times for encore presentations. Yes, it looked thrilling and attractive. Matthew McConaughey is great, Ryan Phillippe is attention-grabbing, heavy-beard William H. Macy strikes a new chord. And our Michael is developing his own dishes rich in taste. Lakeshore/Lionsgate confirmed the show's March 18, 2011 opening in US. Can't wait

In these days something very good is happening to Michael. We are so lucky to be with him when these good things are happening. We will post them once all is set to go.

November 7, BR3 premiere screening

Bloodrayne The Third Reich: Michael and Natassia Malthe joined the premiere screening in LA. We liked the Guten Tag scene (you'll see), though there are some bloody scenes. The trailer will be uploaded to YouTube tomorrow 11/7 Sunday, Dr. Boll told us.

November 7, BR3 & Blubberella: trailers
Blubberella, a comedic parody shot along side BR3: the trailers of the twin flics are now on YouTube at:

October 25, Blubberella: Finally Unveiled

Dr. Uwe Boll's new film BLUBBERELLA finally unveiled with an intriguing poster.

The first female fat superhero...
She will kick major ass - with her major ass...
All the BLOODRAYNE fans will love that movie!

-- You can put it on the website - Uwe Boll

We have kept secret up until now that Michael is in this action/horror/comedy type flick. We will soon follow up with more details we already had, along with the production's schedule.

August 26, The Lincoln Lawyer:
Michael just finished The Lincoln Lawyer. He plays a veteran detective named Kurlen - a formidable presence. Kurlen detest Micky (Matthew McConaughey) and the feeling is mutual. Sounds very attractive.

August 22, The Lincoln Lawyer: Michael on Michael Connelly's Facebook
A lot of argy-bargy is going on to find out about who is playing who in The Lincoln Lawyer. You will get a clue as to Michael's role in the movie when you visit Michael Connelly's Facebook. (Connelly on the set of The Lincoln Lawyer movie. (L to R) Seated Michael Pare, MC, screenplay writer John Romano, Ryan Phillippe, Bryan Cranston.)

The author's own words will give you a hint - Harry Bosch is not in The Lincoln Lawyer. Pare and Cranston are both playing cops.

More info is coming soon. Michael will post on his official blog.

July 20, The Lincoln Lawyer: filming started in LA
The Lincoln Lawyer, starring Matthew McConaughey, Marisa Tomei, and Ryan Phillippe, is now filming in Los Angeles. Michael will soon join them to shoot his scene for the flick.

Check out all photo entries here for a sneaky peek of what LL will be like.

Michael has been preparing for The Lincoln Lawyer and a new project with an acclaimed actor which will be shooting soon. He will shoot LL at the end of this month and next month and his agent must coordinate with the new film which has promised to shoot around his schedule with LL.

May 24, Great exciting news!!! Michael joins "The Lincoln Lawyer"
Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful news!! Michael joins this big-screen adaptation of best-selling Michael Connelly novel "The Lincoln Lawyer." The film is about LA criminal defense attorney Mickey Haller who ends up representing a Beverly Hills playboy with ties to a previous murder case he handled.

Matthew McConaughey is playing Mickey, with Oscar winner Marisa Tomei playing Maggie McPherson, a prosecuting attorney and ex-wife of Mickey. Brad Furman (THE TAKE) is directing from the adapted screenplay by John Romano.

It all started from a phone call from the director Brad Furman. He wanted Michael for a pivotal role in his film. Michael told us:

It is based on one of my favorite contemporary authors. Michael Connelly. The director is Brad Furman. It is not a big role but pivotal to the plot. We start around the middle of July in LA. - Michael

The cast also includes Ryan Phillippe, William H. Macy, John Leguizamo, Michael Pena, Trace Adkins, and Katherine Moennig.

Let's rock, guys!!

February 21, Bloodrayne: The Third Reich (aka Bloodrayne 3: Warhammer) - now shooting in Croatia
Before leaving for Zagreb, Michael told us:

The first work this year will be Bloodrayne 3. I have been very busy preparing for BR3. I had a partial body casting done and a lot of research to do. This will be another Hollywood classic character for me to play. I am looking forward to a new character as always.
A Nazi Commandant I will be playing is bitten by Rayne and becomes a Dampire, which is a vampire that can go out in the sun light. I leave for Zagrev.

January 4, 2010 BLOODRAYNE 3: Warhammer (2010)

BLOODRAYNE is currently under way to prepare for Part 3 of the trilogy. Shooting will start on February 15 in Croatia. BLOODRAYNE 3: Warhammer is set in a Nazi-laden World War II and Michael plays the main character as a Nazi commander - cool, smart and even beautiful.

I will be making the sequel to Bloodrayne with Uwe Boll in February in Croatia. I will be playing a Nazi Vampire this time and will have a library of monsters I've played now. Werewolf, ghost and now a vampire.- Michael

December 16, 2009 Road To Hell Update
Road To Hell Update - Albert Pyun, director, announced today that RTH will be out June 15. Let's wait and see and hope for the best.

"Road to Hell", my surrealistic and sexy riff on rock n' roll fantasies like Walter Hill's "Streets of Fire" and Brian DePalma's "Phantom of the Paradise". Michael Pare', Clare Kramer and Courtney Peldon are simply brilliant in the film. c RTH will be out June 15.
- Albert Pyun

November 30, 2009 Screening of Rampage/Amphibious 3D with Michael
A super busy month for Michael this November - he showed up at a screening of Rampage in LA. Dr. Boll, writer/director, Brendan Fletcher and Shaun Sipos joined, too. Dr. Boll kindly invited us to the screening. Thanks, Dr. Boll!

The genre of Rampage is a bit of a mix of "action-suspense-drama," maybe even a bit of "horror" since there are so many victims. At the screening room we sat right next to Michael (as usual) and waited patiently, almost holding our breath in anticipation for his appearance. When the scene came on, we heard the deep voice of Sheriff Melvoy (Michael). In the middle of violence and chaos, there was a sudden change of tone with a dignified elegance Michael has. Even though his scene was short, it's very memorable. You will recognize his undeniable screen presence.

Anyway Rampage is a strong movie, tight script with a twist, Brendan's perceptive depiction of the role, brilliant camera work (Mathias Neumann) and eloquent original scores (Jessica de Rooij). You will note a good review here, too.

We liked the macchiato and bingo episodes sprinkled with funny moments. The big hit for us was the back shot of fully armored Bill going to war with Jessica's inspirational score. You won't be able to help giggling.

Next day, Michael was with Brian Yuzna to see Amphibious 3D and talk about some projects. We will post more about them once they are more set.

November 7, 2009 tonight on Saturday - DVD signing
Michael and Dr. Boll will be doing a DVD signing at Spudic's Movie Empire in Van Nuys.
The two hour signing will begin at 6PM, with Michael and Dr. Boll, writer/director, present to chat it up and sign autographs.

October 13, 2009
Screening celebrating the 25th anniversary of Streets of Fire

October 14 Wednesday 8:00 PM at the Aero Theatre. Michael and Deborah Van Valkenburg may appear for discussions (schedule permitting).

American Cinematheque Presents Movies on the Big Screen Since 1940. Streets of Fire is one of the best inspirational movies. Michael will join the discussions if his schedule permits.

Egyptian Theatre: 6712 Hollywood Blvd. in Hollywood

September 9, 2009
RAMPAGE premieres at Fantastic Fest, September 24-October 1, 2009.

RAMPAGE courtesy Boll Kino
RAMPAGE directed by Uwe Boll was filmed in Canada in the fall of 2008. The main characters in RAMPAGE - action-suspense-drama - are:

  • Bill Williamson - Brendan Fletcher (goes on the rampage)
  • Evan Drince - Shaun Sipos (best friend of Bill's - Bill tries to frame him for the murders)
  • Mr. and Mrs. Williamson - Matt Frewer and Lynda Boyd (Bill's parents)

Michael is Sheriff Melvoy who tries to stop Bill but can't. The scenes Michael is in total about 81/2 minutes of the movie. Still, you can see from the trailer that Michael has a sure presence.

Shoot: October 19, 2008
Wrap: November 13, 2008

A Synopsis
Bill Williamson (Brendan Fletcher) has become frustrated with the world around him. Global warming, world hunger, over population and senseless consumption fuel his anger. Bill is no activist. He lives with his parents and has a dead-end job, but Bill has a way out. He hatches an elaborate plan to lay the foundations for a better life for himself. Bill carries out a spectacular heist and sets up his friend to take the blame. As the town is left searching for answers, Bill has already embarked on a new and better life.

September 3, 2009
Amphibious - Michael's first 3D movie will soon wrap up the shooting in Jakarta, Indonesia.
We will post some more information shortly. Exclusive pics from the set are now flying all the way across the sea from Jakarta. Until then check out the local resource to get an idea of what it's like. You can also see his photo.

July 15, 2009
Streets of Fire Turns 25 ( Purple Rain, too)

The Perfect Sleep
Dennis Willis' comparison of SOF with Purple Rain is worth quoting. He recently reports on the two summer movies of 1984 under the title "Purple Rain turns 25 (Streets of Fire, too)," contrasting in terms of THE MOVIES, THE MUSIC, SEQUELS and LEGACY.

Streets of Fire vanished quickly from cineplexes even as its soundtrack experienced moderate success. It became a hit on video with more people discovering it as time moved on. Today, it's considered an underground classic that casual viewers are surprised to have missed. cthere is something kinetic and electric about the film that makes it compellingly watchable. - Dennis Willis

June 4, 2009

The Perfect Sleep - Available on June 16, Pre-order Now!

A mysterious assassin (Anton Pardoe) reluctantly returns to his dark old haunts to save a lost love Porphyria (Roselyn Sanchez) from kidnapping, in this stylish mix of film noir, action, and black comedy. This unnamed man has run afoul of his fellow hit men, but while he may have a special advantage over his foes, times have changed, and the anti-hero could still be in for trouble. Michael supports Anton Pardoe with the man's femme fatale Roselyn Sanchez and Tony Amendola.

90 min. Format: DVD Widescreen (Enhanced) Color; Soundtracks: English Dolby Digital 5.1, Dolby Digital stereo; Subtitles: English (SDH), Spanish; audio commentary; photo gallery.

During the filming of The Perfect Sleep, Jeremy Alter recommended Michael to meet his pal David Lynch who had been shooting Inland Empire for years. Lynch then offered scenes for Michael; they got a good gig for a couple of days. Let's just cross fingers and wait to see'em.
The Perfect Sleep

April 26, 2009

SPARKS 2 was submitted to Apple on April 25, 2009, posted in news by Christopher Folino
courtesy Christopher Folino

Michael finished his voice over for the upcoming SPARKS Part 2, which was submitted to Apple on April 25, afternoon. Part 2 seems quite different from Part 1. How?

We have the mouths moving and twice the animation. - Chris Folino

April 15, 2009
JMichael got a meeting with Chris Folino for SPARKS Book 2.

Book 2 has a totally different feel than book 1 in terms of pacing. It lives in the Sparks universe, however, it's got it's own unique vibe happening. - Chris Folino, writer/director of SPARKS-

Stay tuned for Book 2 release coming out shortly.

March 13, 2009
Jeremy Alter's The Perfect Sleep begins its limited theatrical run on March 13, Friday, before heading to New York (opens March 27 at the Quad Cinema), Chicago, Portland and Dallas. This hard-boiled noir film and cast are getting favorable reviews. Here's some of them, including a very nice review of Michael's performance in The Perfect Sleep.

A fantastic, wonderful ride. It's a film noir on crack.- Gary Oldman
cand the supporting cast is particularly excellent: Michael Paré pops up as a violent cop, and adds a lot to the proceedings when he doesc- Scott Weinberg

March 11, 2009
Cool Dog - Our long-awaited family movie Cool Dog is now shooting in Louisiana, Shreveport. You will find a few pictures of Michael from the set at the website of The Shreveport Times.
We've got some official stills from the movie and more of Michael's coming blog entry will be about Cool Dog. Your comments/questions are always welcome.

March 11, 2009
Perfect Sleep - Opens March 13, Friday, at the Sunset Laemmle Theatre in Los Angeles.Michael plays Officer Pavlovich in this stylish film, which premieres at the Sunset Laemmle Theatre in Los Angeles on March 13 and then expands to other cities.

courtesy Unified Pictures
Cast: Anton Pardoe, Roselyn Sanchez, Patrick Bauchau, Peter J. Lucas, Tony Amendola, Michael Pare, Isaac C. Singleton Jr.
Writer: Anton Pardoe
Director: Jeremy Alter
Cinematography: Charles Papert

In a timeless city, a man with no name (Anton Pardoe) returns to the violent, brutal domain of assassins he left ten years before - back when they dubbed him The Mad Monk for his disregard for his own life and his intense devotion to one woman, Porphyria (Roselyn Sanchez); a beautiful, luminescent woman; the girl he grew up with; the love of his life; the one thing he has ever wanted; the one thing he can never have. c Standing at their forefront is the formidable Nikolai (Patrick Bauchau), the man who raised him and just might be his father. cTo protect Porphyria, this unnamed man will return to a life of torment and torture. He will face off against the father figure he turned his back on so many years ago. He will revisit this existence full of people imprisoned by their desire, their history, and their very blood; a world where the only thing keeping you from happiness is yourself, the world of The Perfect Sleep.
Excerpts from the official site

During the filming of Perfect Sleep, Director Jeremy Alter introduced Michael to his friend David Lynch who had been filming Inland Empire for several years. Michael met Lynch one day, talked a lot; Lynch offered some scenes for Michael. They spent a few days for the scenes. We hope Inland Empire be reedited to a director's cut some day, so we can see Michael in this artistic masterpiece Inland Empire.

February 26, 2009
It is our dream to go to cinema with family, especially daughters and sons, for Michael's family movies. The dream has come true. Michael is in a family film "Cool Dog" (working title).

A ten-year-old boy who has to leave behind his German Shepherd and best friend, Rin Tin Tin, when he and his family move to New York City for his father's job. The beloved dog sets on a course to reunite with the boy.

The role I'll play in "Cool Dog" is the father. I am doing my best to find a more high profile movie or TV show. - Michael

February 26, 2009
A long good interview with the is now available online.

Pare kicks comics!

By Jason Coleman

When iPhone came up with that big screen - and that screen is about the average size of a comic book cover - it was the perfect medium for an action comic. It's brand new and to get in on the ground floor is pretty cool. I did Stephen J. Cannell's first independent show Greatest American Hero, I did Roland Emmerich's first movie, I did Uwe Boll's first movie - there's a lot of firsts I've been involved in. Eddie and the Cruisers was one of the first movies when released on cable that had such a response they released it in theaters and the DVD release of Streets of Fire was record setting, so this could be another one of those firsts. - Michael

Check it out here.

February 19, 2009
SPARKS - More interview by NPR (National Public Radio).
NPR aired a 4-min interview with Bill Katt and Chris Folino, writer/director. Michael is not involved in the interview this time but you can hear his distinctive deep voice at the beginning. It is always nice to hear the inside story of SPARKS.

NPR did a story today on Motion Comic Books and interviewed Bill Katt and myself about Sparks on Day to Day which aired today. Here is a link to the story which is about 4 minutes. - Chris Folino
Animation on the iPhone

January 29, 2009
There is an exclusive 'Making Of Sparks' coming online really really soon. You'll find Michael enjoying his first voiceover gig with William Katt and the legendary voice actor Michael Bell. So stay tuned and till then have fun to read these reviews.
courtesy by Chris Folino

  • Yahoo News
    Yahoo News picked up the story.

    Can the iPhone Save Comic Books ... or At Least Small Press?
    When we release Sparks #2 in a few weeks, we have something else we did with the application that is going to change the medium once againcWe are having fun putting the emotion into motion comics. And yes, I've been saving that one up for two weeks. - Chris Folino
  • Tech Gaming
    These Superheroes Like Their Eggs HARDBOILED!- Sparks (Part 1) Impressions
    This essentially means dramatic panning, some movement, sound and music. It's a comic that essentially shows itself to you in a cinematic way. The motion comic contains excellent sound workc-
  • ComicNews Podcast video edition
    Sparks-the first motion comic book ever for the iPhone/iTouch
    Pretty cool! - Brian Bronson

Exclusive SPARKS interview is now online. -- January 26, 2009
Michael, Chris Folino, writer/co-creator of Sparks and William Katt talked to Comic Book Resources (CBR). When Christopher Folino and William Katt decided to resurrect Sparks as a motion comic exclusively for the iPhone and iTouch, Michael was the first person they thought of to voice the titular Ian Sparks. Here is a very interesting inside story of Sparks.
courtesy by Chris Folino

In the beginning, it was just going to be a little project. What ended up happening was, we had a conversation with Bill, and he said, "Go for some better voices. Give Mike (Pare é) a call." And we gave Mike a call, and then Mike Bell a call, and it just blew up into a bigger thing. - Chris Folino
courtesy by Chris Folino

Me and my brother used to pretend to be the incredible Hulk and Ben Grimm. But even though I was the Incredible Hulk, my brother, Ben Grimm, could still kick my ass. I couldn't understand why. Marvel Comics, they're kind of like the philosophers, from Plato and those guys, in that they have this incredible power. Instead of dominating the world, enslaving all of the lesser beings, they choose to be the guardians. It really was such a noble concept to have as a child. I thought superheroes really were a great service to this advanced civilization to America. - Michael

Check out the CBR website

The first official teaser trailer for SPARKS Part 1 -- January 23, 2009
The first official teaser trailer for SPARKS Part 1, now available on iPhone/iTouch, just launched for your viewing pleasure.
I hope everyone will enjoy this new medium. - Michael Paré

Take a first look at the critically acclaimed superhero noir thriller. The trailer is powerful, provocative, awesome sound all around. Definitely it leaves you wanting more. Check it out via iTunes. Buy SPARKS part 1 for 99 cents.

Behind-the-scenes pics! -- January 20, 2009
courtesy Chris Folino
courtesy Chris Folino
courtesy Chris Folino
courtesy Chris Folino
SPARKS - the first motion comic book ever for the iPhone/iTouch "has made its premier on iTtunes for the iPhone and iTouch! The flash animation coupled with Michael Pare (é) as the voice of *Sparks*, brings this story to life in a new and invigorating way." Sparks is Michael's first voice acting role. You see his rich bass-baritone voice is so powerful that he captivates you as he performs. William Katt as Archer, Michael Bell as Matanza, flash animation and music - all the pieces in SPARKS fit together perfectly.

My character is Ian Sparks. It is to be released on the iPhone. I hope Sparks is a big success and is able to give people a little escape from their every day problems or maybe just a moment distraction they can watch on their way to work or school. - Michael.

Behind-the-scenes pics are all courtesy by Chris Folino, writer/co-creator of Sparks. Chris is working on Part 2 and an exclusive trailer for our website. Video coming next!

SPARKS sparks!
It rocks!
Buy SPARKS part 1 for 99 cents!
Click on this link to purchase.

Michael is SPARKS! -- January 7, 2009
courtesy Chris Folino
courtesy Chris Folino
Michael did voice over for the noir superhero Ian Sparks last November. Sparks set in 1948 is a super-noir thriller series presented by William Katt (The Greatest American Hero) and Chris Folino.
  • Michael : Ian Sparks
  • William Katt : Archer
  • Michael Bell : Matanza
Ian Sparks, a masked vigilante, believes it's his destiny at an early age that the tragic death of his parents has to hold a meaning to him. However, not everything that happens in life has a meaning.

I am excited to be a part of this new media and hope all our friends find it amusing. The graphic crime novel is the first step and further development is dependent on it's success. - Michael

December 20, 2008, 08:52:15 PM - Chris announced that they have decided at this time to release SPARKS on the iPhone and iTunes! You will be able to get it as (1) Regular book mode -The entire book, (2) Story Mode featuring actors voices, music and sound effects, (3) Creators Commentary -Michael Pare, William Katt, Michael Bell and many more talk and joke about the project and even answer some questions about GAH - All for an incredible price!

The Sparks production is completing the due process for its release on the iPhone and iTunes.

We are very proud of the piece and teaming with Michael is amazing, he's such a great guy! Michael did a killer job as Sparks. And we thank you and the fans enough for the love and interest! I just don't want to disappoint anyone. - Chris Folino

So stay tuned *and* be patient! courtesy Chris Folino

Rampage (working title) in post production -- January 7, 2009
Michael wrapped up filming a new movie "Rampage" in Vancouver last November.

In this game-inspired flick, Michael plays a sheriff who chases and tries to stop an angry guy from his "rampage." Vancouver actor Brendan Fletcher, back home after months in Australia joined as the angry young guy.

Rampage is the story of a young man who brings his hometown to its knees in order to break out of his dreary life. Bill (Brendan Fletcher) has become frustrated with the world around him, global warming, world hunger, over population and senseless consumption fuel. Bill is no activist. He hatches an elaborate plan to lay the foundations for a better life for himself. As the town is left searching for answers, Bill has already embarked on a new and better life. A sheriff in the town tries to stop the rampaging young manc

December 1, 2008
JobLo's long interview with Michael by JimmyO uploaded December 19 is worth reading for all Michael fans. "Legends: Mike Pare" - Wouldn't it be nice?

It's quite a long interesting interview including some insider stories from Michael's early career. You may find the most impressive comments about Michael there, though we already know.

Mr. Pare is one of those rare fellows that you can talk to about every subject and find a very intelligent guy behind his words, whether it be family, career or Hemingway. (JimmyO)

December 1, 2008
1968: Tunnel Rats is being world premiered on 12/18 9:00 PM as the main event at THE UWE BOLL FILM FESTIVAL in LA's Downtown Independent Theater located at 251 South Main Street. The film is also set for a special theatrical engagement at the same theater for the following week 12/19 - 12/25.
The Boll Film Festival

The festival featuring a marathon engagement of all of Dr. Boll's films will culminate with a world premiere of 1968: Tunnel Rats. Dr. Boll and the cast members will conduct a Q and A session between Postal and Tunnel Rats.

During the festival, the following films Michael appears in are also getting screened at the DI.

  • 12/17 Wed:
    • 7 PM SEED
    • 9 PM FAR CRY
  • 12/18 Thurs:
    • 7 PM POSTAL
    • 9 PM 1968: TUNNELRATS
Check for more details here:

November 04, 2008
Another brand-new video clip of 100 FEET is now online for your viewing pleasure. The ghost we know who plays attacks Joey (Ed Westwick). You'll catch a glimpse of director Eric Red's world view in this horror flick..

October 14, 2008
From Michael - All the best and with much appreciation.
We note that you celebrated our special day, October 9, in your own ways. Thank you crews! Certainly we delivered your birthday messages, notes and cards to Michael in time. Here's a thank you note from Michael.

October 11, 2008
Michael attended 100 FEET US premiere at the Screamfest Horror Film Festival in Hollywood, CA (10/10-10/19: Mann's
100 FEET new poster by Tim Bradstreet

I saw 100 FEET this weekend at the Screamfest.
I didn't realize how much CGI was being used.

New 100 FEET poster designed by Tim Bradstreet, collaged from Michael's pic by Takehiko Nakafuji we provided.

Michael Pare, playing the ghost of her ex-husband. The ghost design is super creepy (it's sort of J-horror inspired, but with a touch of German expressionism)... It's one of the best (and most violent) "ghost attack" scenes I've seen in agescthis is a movie that deserves to be seen. cby BC

September 19, 2008
road to hell
On September 22 Monday, ROAD TO HELL will debut at Austin Fantastic Fest, Texas. Michael is going to be at the screening along with director Albert Pyun and writer Cynthia Curnan. ROAD TO HELL is screening at the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema, Alamo Downtown Theater, immediately following a screening of Streets of Fire, though ROAD TO HELL is a work-in-progress version.

I am going to Austin Texas next week to see screening of RTH and SOF. Let's keep our fingers crossed. I've yet to see it. - Michael

The 2008 Austin Fantastic Fest runs from September 18 - 25. Surely the highlight for us will be the world premiere of ROAD TO HELL. All fans who live near Austin: Get together and enjoy our new Cody!

For more detail, check out the official site of ROAD TO HELL.
screening details:
road to hell

September 16, 2008
Michael participated in The Greatest American Hero reunion on Sept. 7, Sunday.

Michael told us:
It was interesting to realize how long I've been working as an actor. To see my very first work was really fun and to share stories with the people that were there was very sentimental. Stephen Cannell is very healthy and successful. He talked about the The Greatest American Hero movie a little bit.

Creator of The Greatest American Hero, Stephen J. Cannell, Michael and Connie Sellecca.
And Michael may do the voice of Tony in the animated cartoon GAH. Jeff Miller, Rocket Manager, posted the exciting reunion at his blog. Click here.

August 06, 2008
 (c) 2008 100 Feet
The box office success of 100 FEET in Korea as a world premiere revitalizes Michael's career and brings him into the limelight. The reviewers gave the movie five starts for its level of terror.

Michael's first appearance was genuinely scary and astonished!
Excellent special effects!
J-horror admiring director's worldview is amazing!

Writer/Director Eric Red has announced an official entry of his film 100 FEET in 2008 Austin Film Festival (AFF) in Texas on October 16-23. Congratulations! Eric Red will be appearing as a panelist at the 2008 AFF.

July 24, 2008
 (c) 2008 100 Feet
On July 24, 100 FEET opened at No. 1 at the box office in Korea. Thanks for the opening day gathering, guys. A lucky winner received a special gift from Michael.Michael in 100 FEET ha gotten a really good review at Movie Potal (original in Korean).

The impassioned performance of Michael Pare who appears very suddenly in utmost terror at the moment no one can predict accentuates this house thriller 100 FEET. This is the top thriller movie this summer.

Michael Pare known by Streets of Fire, etc. as the most romantic actor in the 80th portrays the ghost. Who could ever imagine the role of the most beautiful man at that time. The ghost played by Michael Pare is enough to give the audiences a hair trigger tension. The maximum of frightfulness and terror will even burn off the midsummer heat.

July 15, 2008
 (c) 2008 Road To Hell
ROAD TO HELL - The new official website for ROAD TO HELL has just launched with behind-the-scene pics of Michael, director Albert Pyun and more. Michael is stylish, classy, tasteful c whatever the role be.

Cynthia Curnan, writer:
Please check out the new website for "Road to Hell", starring Michael Pare.I have linked our website to yours so visitors can learn more about Michael.

July 3, 2008
ROAD TO HELL - The shooting is currently well under way.
Before shooting, Michael told us:

This is not about a serial killer at all.
A soldier who has been fighting a war for a long time is driven mad because he no longer believes what he is fighting for has any real purpose or righteous truth behind it.
He comes home looking for his first and only love from his youth.

It sounds so nice, isn't it? Don't get lost, Internet journalists sometimes can miss the deeper meanings in a film like this.

Michael seems to be welcome by the director Albert Pyun/crew members and enjoy working with them. The front page pic is one of those from the first day of shooting, given under special permission. As usual, we delayed posting this exciting news so as not to disturb the crew.

July 3, 2008
courtesy Eric red
Eric Red's 100 FEET is slated to hit theaters on July 24 in South Korea. US release? We will get a release date soon, and not just those teasing words, "Coming Soon."

As everyone knows the story by now, the flick involves a young woman named Marnie Watson played by the foxy Famke Janssen, is granted early release from her prison sentence for killing her husband - a violent NYC cop - in self defense, on condition she wear an electronic ankle bracelet and remain within her home, effectively under house arrest. Her late husband's partner Shanks (Bobby Cannavale), who hates Marnie for killing him, keeps tabs on her from a patrol car parked across the street, hoping she'll violate probation and he can send her back to prison. But the 100-foot radius her ankle bracelet allows isn't the worst of her problems...

Phenomenal writer/director Eric Red talks a lot about this horror flick; the Eye For Film interview is one of them and better, I think, to touch upon the core concepts.

Michael Pare plays the ghost. I used him in Bad Moon as well. The ghost has no dialogue and Pare was able to protect powerful, Kabuki-like states of emotion necessary for the apparition. The ghost is mostly achieved with an actor in special effects makeup, not CGI.

I wanted 100 Feet to be a beautiful looking film. Lots of darkness, plenty of shadows, but lots of depth of field and detail in the darkness. Some scenes were shot entirely by candlelight.

100 Feet is a classical style film. Movies like The Innocents, Rosemary's Baby and Wait Until Dark were inspirations, particularly the brilliant framing of the latter.

Korean version trailer is looking superb. Watch and enjoy until the movie hit theaters near you.

May 23, 2008
Michael in TUNNEL RATS: A good review comes out of

One character that did stand out was the role played by the great Michael Pare, who did his own version of Tom Berenger in PLATOON. - Deke Richards

courtesy Boll Kino AG

As we reported last year, we attended the premiere screening of Dr. Uwe Boll's TUNNEL RATS. Michael sat next to us as he always does. Almost all cast members including Nate Parker and Jane Le. We saw immediately how they all adored Michael. After Dr. Boll's speech to introduce Michael and these young promising actors to the audience, the scene began quietly and grew gradually in intensity. Michael who played Sergeant Vic Hollowborn was so convincing at playing a bitter part of the war. Again, Jessica de Rooij's score is a message of healing to build a future of hope. You will smile at the end of the movie.

May, 2008

100 FEET featuring Famke Jansen and our Michael will receive its first full screening at the Marche du Cannes during the Festival de Cannes (May 14-25, 2008).


  • 5/14:14:00-Palais C
  • 5/15:15:30-Palais H
The Marche flyer is EXCELLENT. It's in between the first artistic poster and the second market-oriented one. One of our affiliates is there in Cannes right now. We hope we'll get a hot report from Cannes.
100 FEET
courtesy Eric Red, Writer/Director

April, 2008

Hope you guys enjoyed the Fango convention by meeting and chatting with Michael and Eric Red and one another. Here's a report.

April, 2008

A new poster of 100 FEET just arrived.
100 FEET
courtesy Eric Red, Writer/Director

April, 2008
courtesy Eric Red (100 FEET)

April 26, 6:00 PM on Saturday (on stage) - Michael will attend FANGORIA'S WEEKEND OF HORRORS LOS ANGELES (April 25 - 27, 2008) as a panelist with Eric Red, Writer of NEAR DARK, THE HITCHER, BLUE STEEL; writer/director of BAD MOON and new 100 FEET. This is an excellent chance for you to chat with Michael about his role Mike Watson in coming 100 FEET.

Eric Red: I'll be at the Fangoria Weekend Of Horrors this Saturday. I'm doing a panel with Michael Pare on "100 FEET" at 6:00 PM on Saturday 04/26/08. cSee you there!

April, 2008
courtesy ABC Television

Michael's new installment of biography highlights the start of his career focusing on how he met the legendary Joyce Selznick, niece of David O. Selznick (Gone With The Wind). We already knew the story of a miracle that happened to him and Salvador Gala's fortune telling but his own words are the most telling.

April, 2008
courtesy Embassy Pictures

Michael talks to The Movie Whore - A great interview with Michael was posted on April 18. Coupled with the biography written by Michael himself the interview sounds pretty interesting.

April, 2008
Michael finished shooting of DIRECT CONTACT and returned from Sophia Bulgaria late March. DIRECT CONTACT is a movie about mercenaries. An American prisoner in a Russian jail is given a chance at freedom if he can rescue a kidnapped American woman (from the official site of Nu Image).
Direct Contact courtesy Nu Image

The shoot went very well; Danny Lerner is a very good action Director. Danny who I first worked with as a producer of SPANISH ROSE aka POINT OF IMPACT (1993) has since been directing about one movie a year.

I am the villain (Connelly), the protagonist is defined by the antagonist we are directly connected. I believe mercenaries are soldiers that have lost confidence in their countries moral or ethical motives and become free agents much like The Samurai.

I don't judge my employers. I am a soldier for hire and nothing more. In the part of the world where this story takes place there are no good guys or bad guys. Everyone is flawed and capable of heroic acts or despicable crimes.

This is a step back to the action movie genre and I hope it comes out good.

March, 2008
April 15 Tue: Kinky Killers (working title POLYCARP) goes to DVD in US.
Kinky Killers (working title POLYCARP) goes straight to DVD in US on April 15, Tuesday.

7 Murders
7 Suspects
7 Churches of Revelation
courtesy: courtesy Justice For All Productions

Michael plays Detective Barry Harper in this thriller/horror, bent with psychology, the occult, and biblical references. Michael told us, he was interested in working with Charles Durning and being on the East Coast. The film was shot in January 2007 and its trailer was premiered at HOBOKEN International Film Festival, on June 1, 2007. Enjoy a short preview of the film at the official site.

Kinky Killers is now only available by pre-order.

March, 2008

Direct Contact - here is the first release of news we are allowed to present. Michael left for Sophia, Bulgaria last month where he joined Dolph Lundgren. They are now shooting the action-packed "Direct Contact" (Nu Image/Millennium Films).

Michael told us: It is a movie about mercenaries working in Eastern Europe.

Dolph Lundgren is the reluctant hero and I represent the true nature of mercenaries. I believe in war every soldier believes he is a good guy or at least fighting on the right side. Once he looses this belief he either goes mad or becomes a professional soldier. The director is Danny Lerner who I first worked with as a producer of Spanish Rose (Point of Impact, 1993).

It is not our policy to post about a project in production but some sites talk about Michael in Direct Contact and this is a part we are allowed to post online. We will add more when time is appropriate.

February, 2008
Michael starts his own biography this week and will do it in installments. This definitive biography will help you to fill in the missing pieces in your jigsaw puzzle and supplant all previously written biographies as a complete and authoritative account.

February, 2008
1968: Tunnel Rats - The first trailer and Behind the Scenes(pt.1 and pt.2) are now on YouTube. Michael talks about his role Sergeant Vic Hollowborn.
courtesy: Boll Kino AG

We attended the premiere screening of Tunnel Rats last fall in LA, sitting next to Michael. The first trailer is really well made to tell us the essence of this anti-war movie. As Michael told us before shooting, war is like that, it's not yes or no, it's just what it is, and this basic concept seems to be shared by all the cast members. Throughout the movie Jessica de Rooij's score sounds genuinely devotional as a big part of the story. Especially at the last scene of the film young mother Jane Le is charmingly persuasive. Definitely, this is another anti-war movie.

Tunnel Rats - Movie Trailer
Tunnel Rats Movie - Behind the Scenes Pt.1
Tunnel Rats Movie - Behind the Scenes Pt.2

February, 2008

Perfect Sleep is screened this month at The European Film Market (EFM) in Berlin: Screening times are February 7 (Thu) and February 9 (Sat). Michael might not show up 'cause his new film is slated to start shooting during EFM.

January, 2008
SEED starring Michael Pare as detective Matt Bishop and Will Sanderson as extra-crispy serial killer Seed is slated for theatrical release sometime this year. SEED is Dr. Uwe Boll's first non-video game production, inspired by a true story and based around a law which states that if you survive electrocution for 15 seconds three times, they have to let you go. SEED won the award for Best Special Effects in New York City Horror Film Festival 2007 (October 24-28, 2007).
Michael and Seed (Will Sanderson)
Michael and Seed (Will Sanderson)

Seed (Will Sanderson), an insane mass murderer, is scheduled for execution at the hands of Warden Wright (Ralf Moeller). Before the executioner throws the switch, Wright steps in front of Seed, "Do you have any last words?" Seed says, "I'll see you again." After three attempts to electrocute, complete with boiling blood that steeps from his eyes, he's still alive. The executioner Wright and the doctor collectively agree that the breathing Seed be pronounced dead. He is bound and buried alive. After biting and clawing his way to the surface, madman Seed is now bent on vengeance.
Michael and Emily (Jodelle Ferland)
Michael and Emily (Jodelle Ferland)

The film was shot without a script: Michael improvised a lot of the dialogue. We remember the scene with Bishop's daughter Emily (Jodelle Ferland) who couldn't sleep. At kitchen father and daughter talked about her nightmare.

"On her first day of shooting, Jodelle felt sick. I made a tea for her. We paused shooting, waited until she smiled."

This scene enhances the tragedy in which his family was involved. A few months later we attended a world premiere of SEED in Los Angeles. After the screening, Michael told us.
Cinematographer Mathias Neumann
Cinematographer Mathias Neumann

"They did some magic on my eyes. I didn't know what the eye drop was for when I was shooting. Now I knew that the camera clearly catches my eyes with my daughter. Good job."

The camera by Mathias Neumann is superb. The music by Jessica de Rooij is really good and the background tunes are splendid; especially we liked the music for Seed's workout. Well, Michael, camera-work and music are worthy of special mention in this super-horror film.

SEED Opens Theatrically Friday, January 25, 2008!
See you all at the theatres.

January, 2008
The Perfect Sleep: Check the stills at the official site. Click "Photos" from MENU "Films" - The Perfect Sleep" and you will reach Michael as Officer Pavlovitch. Trailer - coming soon.

January, 2008
The WGA Strike didn't stop the 2008 Golden Globes from shining on some of film's biggest names live on Sunday night. A few rows of chairs and a few work tables were seen before the stage for the news conference at which the winners of the 65th annual Golden Globe awards was announced in the International Ballroom at the Beverly Hilton Hotel. Some of Michael's projects were scheduled to be launched last year but all including pickup shots for the film done have been postponed due to the strike. We hope that the issue will be settled before the Academy Awards show.

December, 2007

FURNACE (2006) on DVD

  • US: Available at the blockbuster stores FOR RENT on and after December 18, 2007.
  • UK: Pre-order, due for release on February 11, 2008.
  • China: released on DVD on December 12, 2007

December, 2007
Michael's interview on 100 FEET is now on the official site:

Finally we could post the cop pic of Michael, which was kindly provided before by writer/director Eric Red. Almost a year ago we were there luckily when Michael first contacted the director's friend about this film. Since we were requested to keep it confidential and not to post any news online, we followed their schedule. We think it is the best way to support Michael. Thanks for patience, you guys.

Before filming there were talks and meetings; once Michael was up in Canada with the director where they were getting ready to work with the special effects company on building Michael's makeup effects for the Ghost. Eric told us, Michael had amazing ideas for the supernatural character of the spirit and it will be a startling change of pace for him, channeling some of the classic Asian ghost story movies in his performance. It seemed they built up trust between each other. The director also said, "You will be blown away by the performance Michael gives in 100 FEET. In terms of his generating powerful emotion and presence without words, it far surpasses BAD MOON. Michael's the coolest guy to work with and I'll put a role for him in every film I do."
courtesy: Writer/Director Eric Red

100 FEET is slated to release some time in 2008.

December, 2007
BAD MOON XMas! from Writer/Director Eric Red, posted Dec. 24, 2007 to his MySpace and Arrow In The Head.

Writer/Director Eric Red: If you remember the opening of "BAD MOON," Michael Pare's Ted is getting it on with his girlfriend Marjorie in their tent in the jungles of Borneo. cBut you never saw the sequence anything close to the way it was intended because it got an NC-17 rating. cFor the first time anywhere, here's the director's cut of the opening scene from BAD MOON." (view more at Eric Red's MySpace).

November 05, 2007
Michael showed up at the premiere screening of TUNNEL RATS in Los Angeles, with main cast and crew, Mitch Eakins, Nate Parker, Brandon Fobbs, Erik Eidem, Rocky Marquette, Brad Schmidt, Wilson Bethel, Jane Le and singer/composer Jessica de Rooij. Just prior to a showing of the film, Dr. Uwe Boll, writer/director, thanked to everyone who participated in the shoot and who showed up at the screening. Dr. Boll was heartily cheered during his speech.

All the cast received rapturous applause, cheers and whistles when their names appeared on a screen credit. From the loud applause showered on Michael we knew that these young promising actors liked to have worked with Michael. At the screening he took a seat next to us and mentioned that TUNNEL RATS was done with no script again. The movie is "about the futility, individual suffering and pointlessness of war" (Michael).
courtesy Boll Kino AG

During the Vietnam War a special combat unit is sent out to hunt and kill the Viet Cong soldiers in a man-to-man combat in the endless tunnels underneath the jungle of Vietnam. Michael plays Sgt. Hollowborn, a leader of the combat unit. TUNNEL RATS began with senseless killing and ended with a glimmer of hope. War is ugly, war is brutal and in war sometimes mistakes and tragedies do happen; this is what is told in TUNNEL RATS. Jessica de Rooij's music is truly wonderful. Especially the music playing over the last scene is immensely eloquent and definitely tells us that TUNNEL RATS is an anti-war movie.

Check it out at theaters in your area. TUNNEL RATS is expected to be theatrically released some time in 2008.

October, 2007
Thank you everyone - from Michael

October, 2007
Congratulations on your Best Actor Award!

September 2007
Dr. Boll is in Malaga, Spain for his well deserved Golden Unicorn Award (The VIII International Film Festival of Fantastic Cinema and Terror: September 3-8, 2007) and "Postal" boxing. Michael will join him soon. SEED (9/5) and BloodRayne (9/6) are scheduled to be screened as part of the competition for the best horror film in the Malaga Film Festival.

Exclusive interview on the set of SEED
This is one of the SEED interviews we did after the day's shooting. It was at "lunch time" 2 AM midnight. Director/writer/producer Uwe Boll kindly invited us to the set of SEED. At the lakeside of Vancouver Michael as Detective Bishop was on a boat with director Boll and his buddy cinematographer Mathias Neumann to track down serial killer SEED. During the shooting, lovely dogs Daisy and Lara, very docile and well-trained, were waiting for their master to come back.


Shooting lasted almost 5 hours. Around 12:00 midnight Michael came back from the lake to his chair, next to us, a La Fiama look-alike stunt man standing alongside Michael. He looked relaxed after he did his today's job.

The film was shot with dialogue mostly improvised because with one keystroke, Dr. Boll accidentally deleted the script for SEED from his computer. Later Michael told us, "I enjoyed very much to improvise the dialogue." SEED is a horror but you can see a different side of view from Michael's interview, which follows soon.

During the "lunch time" Dr. Boll's interview got started and Michael's followed then. Dr. Boll focuses largely on Detective Bishop Michael played, and goes on some of the secrets of the movie.

"In SEED, Detective Bishop has a cat-and-mouse game going on but it's... in a way, like one-sided."

The following statement may be a message from this controversial horror flick SEED.

lovely dogs Daisy and Lara
At the beginning of the film, I used extreme animal abuse footage that was given to us by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA). I wanted to show the world how fucked up humans are as a species. If humans were extinct and only animals inhabited Earth, our planet would survive. The PETA footage demonstrates that humans are not intrinsically good. People kill mercilessly, without emotion, for sport, profit and other forms of self indulgence. - Dr. Boll

Seed, the character, is more a metaphorical representation of violence than a cartoonish immortal ala Jason Voorhees or Michael Myers." - Craig Lines

As "a big supporter of PETA," Dr. Boll has pledged that he will "commit 2.5% of all my world-wide, net profit from the distribution of Seed to People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA)."

July 19, 2007
The long awaited Michael's official blog has launched here, still under construction but will be fully operational soon. Michael writes to tell us how he got the role of Ghost in 100 FEET. Let's just enjoy and share a wonderful time with Michael.

Bon Appetit!

Writer/director Eric Red of 100 FEET supported and helped us a lot in building this blogspot. You can get more details and updated information at

July 2007
The official trailer (2:17) has been released for Polycarp. Some of you saw the film at the Hoboken International Film Festival. Check out this new trailer, and you will dive into a shadow of the dark world. Michael plays a cop and enjoyed very much the opportunity to work with Charles Durning.


June 2007
100 FEET: Writer/director Eric Red (Bad Moon, The Hitcher) talks 100 FEET from the set in Budapest, "Pare is astonishing." i
This is just exactly what all Michael fans want to hear. This is definitely the beginning of something great. Before filming, Mr. Red told us Michael's amazing ideas for the supernatural character of the spirit. Though we are not allowed to post any pictures of the Ghost, you will get a feel of the supernatural thriller 100 FEET at the official site.

May 2007
BloodRayne II, Seed and Postal: premiered at the 2007 Cannes Marche du Film.

Palais des Festivals et des Congres
For the 2007 Cannes festival U2 played a surprise midnight concert on the red carpet. Bono wasn't dressed up just like as we met him at the Wim Wenders' private party with Michael's friends. During the festival, Michael's three films, BloodRayne II, Seed and Postal are premiered each twice. BR II and Postal have their debut screening in Cannes. Michael is just photogenic in these movies; especially Pat Garrett in BR II is cool as a sidekick knight to Rayne ( Some critic may be right in saying about Postal, "politically incorrect and funny as hell."

May 2007
Michael is shooting Eric Red's upcoming horror flick 100 FEET in Budapest. The movie will also be partially shot at Steiner Studios.Michael told us, he always enjoys working with the director, filming is going well, Famke is beautiful and professional.

May 2007
Words from Michael

I wish to extend my greatest appreciation to all my friends here.
Spring isn't much different than any other season in California.

Michael Pare, April 2007

May 2007
Tunnel Rats
BloodRayne II: Deliverance - Find Michael as Pat Garrett in these video clips on the Net.

In the sequel, new Rayne (Natassia Malthe) goes to Wild, Wild West and meets the legendary Pat Garrett (Michael Pare) to hunt down a vampiric Billy the Kid (Zack Ward). Michael played Iancu in the original BloodRayne. His role in BR II turned out to Pat Garrett due to a copyright problem.

The postscript to the promo by Jay Lee will give you a chuckle.
"For the Record:
Uwe Boll is not a criminal.
Natassia Malthe does not really love killing people.
Zack Ward does not actually eat children c as far as we can tell."

May 2007
Michael recently finished filming an anti-war movie called "Tunnel Rats" directed by Dr. Uwe Boll, which is currently in post-production. The film is about the futility, individual suffering and pointlessness of war. It takes place in Vietnam in 1970. A platoon of Tunnel Rats is chasing Vietnamese partisans that have taken an American doctor prisoner into the CHU CHI tunnel. Enjoy a photo from the set of Tunnel Rats; courtesy by Dr. Boll.
Tunnel Rats

When Michael was back from Africa safe and sound in March, he told us: Shooting of Tunnel Rats was not as dangerous as the reporter made it sound. I am now preparing full time for a next movie filled in Romania.

May 2007
Michael will join Fangoria Convention, May 18-20, at Burbank's Marriott Airport Hilton (2500 Hollywood Way), with Zack Ward and Jackie Tohn.
More details at

April 2007
Tom Cody returns on screen for all Michael fans.

Streets Of Fire
Streets of Fire
May 4 (Fri.) - May 10 (Thurs.)
The original 35 mm print of the theatrical trailer followed by the original 35 mm print of the film.

Cinefest Film Theatre
(Georgia State University)

66 Courtland St.
Suite 240
Atlanta, GA 30303
phone: 404-651-3565

Weekdays-11:00, 1:00, 3:00, 5:00, 7:00
Weekends-1:00, 3:00, 5:00, 7:00

Free for Georgia State University students, Faculty and Staff
All other patrons-$3.00 before 5 pm and $5.00 after 5 pm
Seating capacity: 154 seats

Since Streets of Fire is all about American symbols and myths, this makes perfect sense since we tend to see all that was cool about the era -- the style, the music, the cars -- without seeing what was bad -- cit's really fuckin' cool.
And when you see Michael Pare throw off his jacket and kick ass during the credits, you can't help but nod and go, "Yep, that's a guy named Tom Cody, all right."
Keith (

April 2007
Gareth Von Kallenbach of Skewed & Review did "Uwe Boll Interview on SEED" recently. The interview is particularly informative regarding the inspiration for the film and Michael's performance.

Michael Paré has played numerous cops throughout his career, but his portrayal in SEED is in my opinion his best performance. (Dr. Boll, a big supporter of PETA)

April 2007
The website for SEED officially launched April 3. SEED is due out this Halloween in US and Germany. It will be an ideal release for this genre. Exclusive interviews with Michael and Dr. Boll on the set will follow in time.

SEED Official Site:

March 2007
On March 14, Production Blog of Tunnel Rats launched at "Skewed & Reviewed." Dr. Boll talks about the movie from the set.

Part I: March 14, 2007
Part II: March 20, 2007
Part III: March 29, 2007

After Polycarp in January and a small comedy in February, Michael left for South Africa, Cape Town to shoot anti-war movie "Tunnel Rats" again with Dr. Uwe Boll. Michael joined the project last fall before he did Pat Garrett in BloodRayne II: Deliverance.

This will be about the futility, individual suffering and pointlessness of war. It takes place in Vietnam in 1970. (Michael)

February 2007
Dark World
Late February we were invited to the private premiere screening of Dark World at Chaplin Theater for invited guests only. It was very successful. Dark World directed by Zia Mojabi is a classic-style suspense thriller in the tradition of Hitchcock and Chandler. Michael's portrayal is a complete departure for him as he fills the shoes of Harry Boyd, the jaded cop chasing a serial killer while stuck at home with a sprang ankle. In this character driven drama everyone witnessed Michael's amazing range and versatility as a natural born performer.

Michael tells us -I play a cop that was abused as a child. When I grow up I marry my childhood sweetheart Theresa Russell. It is a very interesting, challenging role for me. I am very excited. It is wonderful to work with Theresa Russell and James Russo.

The secret of the movie lies in "the last 20 pages of the script" (Michael). The closing footage will simply take your breath away! ...

Dark World:

December 2006
The sun will shine on Michael again. He has just signed for the lead role in a suspense movie. He really wanted to do something big and new, and this is it. We were so lucky to be there and see how he got excited about this project. It was on the day when we visited Dr. Boll for world premier of SEED. He said, "Michael is coming to the party tonight."

Actually Michael was there at the party with Dr. Boll. An old friend rushed down to Michael and said, "Michael, stay there, don't move! He has been looking for you!" The writer/director spent months looking for Michael for his new movie and they finally reunited. Next day - before Michael left for Canada to start filming BloodRayne II: Deliverance - Michael told us, he read the script and it is based on a Japanese story, which is well-written. Most importantly the role was what he really wanted to do.

We waited and waited for the deal to close. Finally he got the role as the director desperately wanted Michael. So far Michael and the big name female lead are cast and the second male lead is TBA as of today. We are not yet allowed to post its working title or give away plot details. Stay tuned for coming announcements!

December 2006
At the 2007 Chicago Fangoria Convention Dr. Uwe Boll will preview his new films SEED, POSTAL and BLOODRAYNE II: Deliverance.

February 23-25, 2007
Wyndham Chicago O'Hare
6810 N. Mannheim Rd.
Rosemont, Il.

SEED is a really, really dark, serious horror movie, as Dr. Boll told us in a video interview, POSTAL is a "politically incorrect" comedy, and BRII is a horror-Western. You will meet diverse profiles of our Michael.

Check out the official website for the latest information:

November 2006
Now we can post the latest news about BloodRayne 2. Principal photography starts late this month in Border Town outside of Vancouver without Kristana Loken. Natassia "ODA Electra" Malthe is a new Rayne to face off against vampire Billy the Kid.

Michael is in the sequel again but not as Iancu because of the copyright problem. As Dr. Boll told us that his role absolutely becomes more significant in BloodRayne 2, Michael portrays the legendary Pat Garrett who joins Rayne as she hunts down Billy the Kid. Michael in the Western will be a great fun!

November 2006
Set pic from Seed
Dr. Boll very kindly invited the club to the premiere screening of SEED in Los Angeles. Our US board member joined Michael, Dr. Boll and Miss Jessica at the Miramar screening.

SEED is based on the true story that occurred in Seattle in 1972 and focuses on Sam Seed, an insane mass murderer. According to federal law, any Death Row prisoner who survives three jolts in the electric chair is allowed to go free. "The executioner, Warden Wright and the doctor collectively agree that the breathing Seed be pronounced dead. He is bound and buried alive. After biting and clawing his way to the surface, enraged madman Seed is now bent on vengeance."

SEED was filmed without a script this summer. Dr. Boll's computer erased the script, so he decided to improvise the entire movie based on his original film treatment. Michael plays Matt Bishop in this NC17 type film. Matt is a detective and father to a lovely daughter (Silent Hill's Jodelle Ferland). The exclusive video interview of Michael the club conducted on the set is focused on the father-daughter relation.

Michael told us, he enjoyed improvisation very much - his first experience with a feature film. We can't give away too much of the story of the horror movie. You can see the rest soon hopefully at theatres near you.

November 2006
Michael went back to Vancouver to complete a cameo in Dr. Uwe Boll's comedy "Postal." Michael by this time had finished the ADR for "Seed." It is nice to hear that Dr. Boll feels it is a very good movie. We did exclusive video interviews of the director and Michael, of course, in Vancouver. We will post them to our website hopefully late this year before its possible theatrical release."

November 2006
Late September, Michael did the ring announcer for "Raging Boll" - Dr. Boll's boxing matches with the four Internet film critics he has challenged. Take a look at one frame of Announcer Michael from the matches Dr. Boll won as expected.
ring announcer for
ring announcer for "Raging Boll"

October 2006
Michael did a part in POSTAL produced/directed by Dr. Uwe Boll.Also Michael will be the ring announcer for Dr. Boll's boxing matches.

When we visited the set of SEED in July, Michael mentioned that 3 film critics already stepped forward to box Dr. Boll. He invited critics who posted negative reviews in 2005 to put on boxing gloves and enter a boxing ring to fight him. Finally, the 5 challengers picked by the selection committee had boxing matches titled "Raging Boll," first in Spain and then in Vancouver on September 23. Just before Michael went back to Vancouver for POSTAL, he told us, "I do a small part in his movie Postal. I think it is a comedy. Also I will be the Ring Announcer for the boxing matches." YouTube for more details, Watch Raging for live.

Michael will work with Dr. Boll for more coming projects including BloodRayne 2. Can we expect a bigger role in the sequel? Dr. Boll said, "Absolutely. In the new chapter of the BLOODRAYNE saga we follow Rayne from old Transylvania to the wild, wild west."

September 2006
Following the world premiere at the Venice Film Festival, David Lynch's long awaited new film, INLAND EMPIRE will be screened as one of The New York Film Festival (September 29 - October 15, 2006) selections. The screening at Alice Tully Hall, north side of 65th Street west of Broadway is scheduled on Sun Oct 8: 8:30AM and Mon Oct 9: 11:30AM, currently both sold out. There will be a standby line before the screening.

INLAND EMPIRE is Michael's second entry in this prestigious film festival after Month of Sundays with the legendary Rod Steiger. The Lynch world is mysterious and incomprehensible this time again but definitely you can enjoy Michael's scenes.

How did I get the title of INLAND EMPIRE:

September 2006
The Venice Film Festival (8/30 - 9/9) screens David Lynch's "INLAND EMPIRE" out of competition on September 6, for which Michael did a cameo. Michael told us, he met Lynch when he was filming The Perfect Dream directed by Jeremy Alter, co-producer of INLAND EMPIRE. At the meeting, Lynch said, "I am shooting a movie; you want to do a couple days?" And Michael said, "Absolutely." Michael emphasized, "It was very interesting."

David Lynch meditates as Michael does - they had a few conversations on the subject.

You might get some idea from its video clip posted on

September 2006
Behind the Scenes: On the Set of Dr. Uwe Boll's SEED.

"Good morning!" - It was along toward sundown. The crew greeted each other and so did our Michael. Yes, this was a day on the set of Dr. Uwe Boll's upcoming horror film, SEED. Dr. Boll kindly invited the club to the set in Vancouver. Our Nikon award-wining photographer, Takehiko Nakafuji, was permitted to take pictures of Michael on the set. We saw that Michael garnered a lot of attention during filming.

Set Pic from Seed
Set Pic from Seed
Filming started shortly before sunset. Michael and Will "Seed" Sanderson were there. Set in the 1970s, Michael has long hair and "my own sideburn, unlike Eddie's" (clean, sweet one). We watched for hours as they meticulously filmed the waterfront scene over and over getting it from many different angles.

We need not report this again and again but Michael was really nice. Michael introduced Will "Seed" Sanderson to us. Will, wearing a bloody T shirt, is a promising actor and more than that a very nice person.

Set Pic from Seed
Set Pic from Seed
The production gave us the royal treatment, making sure we had a great time. All day at the set we were offered a trailer room to rest (the room with CD/DVD player and available for wrap top was very comfortable), fresh juice, salad bar and all kinds of delicious food. They even provided chairs for us to sit next to Michael and the director.

We had a great time at the set with Michael and we want to thank the cast and crew, especially Dr. Boll and Producer Dan Clarke, Joey and Shelly for being such great hosts. cont'dc

July, 2006
Michael will be a guest at the Timeless Destinations Convention (7/31-8/6):
  • August 5, Saturday, 2:30 PM to 3:30 PM
  • Best Western Richmond Inn
  • Richmond, BC
  • (minutes from Vancouver Airport)
Michael has agreed to have photographs taken with attendees. Also for the attendees, there is a special studio tour of SEED. Those who win their bid will get a chance to watch this movie being filmed and it is a hospital scene.

From Chairman of the Board of Directors of Timeless Destinations:

As far as Michael attending the convention, he has agreed to do an on stage presentation with Uwe Boll, Will Sanderson, Ralf Moeller, Andrew Jackson & Michael. There will be some Q & A. Michael will be doing a limited photo session with some fans based on a first come first basis. He will be signing photos for fans with proceeds going to our charity - Make-A-Wish. All of this will be occurring Saturday afternoon and he may join Uwe Boll helping to auction items for our charity auction the early part of that evening. Details still to be firmed up. All of this will occur on Saturday, August 5th.

Timeless Destinations Webpage: which lists Michael & about 50 other actors, producers & directors that are coming to Timeless Destinations.

On August 2 Wednesday in the afternoon there will be a bus leaving our convention to do a set visit of SEED. During this time Uwe Boll & some actors on set will do some interviews.

This is the day that SEED is filmed being executed in the electric chair. The scenes that day are being filmed at an old, haunted, former mental institution. I need to confirm if Michael will be on set. Seats on the bus are acquired by bidding in our film set auction with 50 seats going to the highest bidders. One else will be allowed on set that day.

SEED Auction:

We would welcome an exchange of banners. If some of your members feel lucky have them go to and enter the contest for a free 6 day pass to Timeless Destinations valued $250.00 US. There are other contests on the website for free tickets. Consider staying at our convention hotel and booking via our website for a prefer rate.

$250.00 US for a Full Convention Ticket. Price Includes an Event T-Shirt

June, 2006
The Return of Michael Pare - Actor Interview By Owen Keehnen

June, 2006
Jodelle Ferland joined to take the part of Michael's daughter.

Jodelle Ferland joined to take the part of Michael's daughter. She is known as a promising actress in Terry Gilliam's TIDELAND and SILENT HILL. At the tender age of 11, Jodelle is making her the youngest nominee in Emmy Award history, as well as a Young Artist Award.

She was born on October 9, the same birthday of her "father" Michael.

June, 2006
SEED begins shooting soon in Vancouver. Dr. Uwe Boll told us, "Michael is the lead."

Michael will be in Vancouver this summer with Dr. Uwe Boll making what is his most ambitious project yet. Written and directed by Dr. Boll, the upcoming horror film called SEED is based on a true story that occurred in Seattle in 1972 and currently in pre-production. the film is based on a true story that occurred in Seattle in 1972.

Michael plays a detective that captures a vicious serial killer "Sam Seed" who is then executed in the electric chair three times, survives and is buried alive. He digs his way out and seeks his revenge. He captures my wife and daughter and in a very clever way tells me I must kill myself or he will kill them. Michael told us, "It is a wonderful conflict to play as an actor.

June 1, 2006
The Furnace, Furnace, Furnace... How Michael Turner looks like in the movie...

May 31, 2006
"FURNACE" Panel at the Fangoria Convention.
Sunday, 12:30 PM, June 4, 2006, Burbank, California.
Burbank Airport Hilton and Towers
2500 Hollywood Way

Michael joins director William Butler and producer Aaron Strongoni with stars Danny Trejo, Jenny McShane and Taylor Kenney.

After he returned from filming abroad, Michael has been busy working on up and coming projects. We are bit concerned if he will be able to attend the Fangoria event but now for sure he will. All of you attending the convention may have photo opportunities. Have a fun!

May 20, 2006
Official website for "Dark World" has launched. Exclusive interview we did with Michael in LA last winter is coming soon.

April 27, 2006
Uwe Boll's BloodRayne is scheduled to come out on DVD in late May. Michael tells us how enjoyable it was to work with Uwe again in Romania, see Michael Strider's exclusive interview.

March 13, 2006
The Furnace goes on MTV. Check out "Paul Wall" on MTV, News section.

March 11, 2006
photo: Takehiko Nakafuji
Saturday, March 10, 10:41 pm: Michael was on line on the official William Butler forum and stayed for a while. He thanked Takehiko Nakafuji for his profile photo as Turner he portrayed in the upcoming movie, The Furnace. It is nice to be with him on line. We are in to support Michael, the movie and Mr. William Butler.

Both The Furnace and William Butler forums are now very active and you may feel hard to find Michael's posts. Look for the Takehiko's photo. It's Turner and our Michael.

Takehiko is a promising young photographer, who won a Nikon award, and already published photo books. He was kind to go to Europe only for Michael. We hope he will be back again for Turner in the Furnace.

March 9, 2006
Thursday, March 09, 11:40 am - Michael's second visit to the Furnace forum. Enjoy chatting with him.

March 8, 2006
We are very pleased to announce that Michael's official MySpace page is now up at This site will continue to be run by Michael Strider.

March 1, 2006
Michael is there on the Furnace forum.

February 19, 2006
William Butler posted, "Michael will be on my blog very soon!"
Furnace Forum

February 15, 2006
A great photographer best known for his latest work "Capote" took great pictures of Michael on the set of The Furnace. We will upload some of them.

February 14, 2006

Michael will visit William Butler's "Furnace Forum" this week, if everything goes well.

John Gray from invited Michael to drop by the forum. Michael is in Nashville Tenn. for William Butler's "The Furnace" which started early February.

February 6, 2006

From Mr. Zia Mojabi, Writer/Director of "Dark World" now in post production.

Mr. Zia Mojabi - "Dark World" is a classic-style suspense thriller. Michael's portrayal is a complete departure for him as he fills the shoes of Harry Boyd.


The director also known as a playwright and screenplay writer, who won Best Feature, Drama Award at the New York International Independent Film Festival 2003 for "Woman on Fire," a feature film based on Greek tragedy Medea.

February 6, 2006

Michael will start a movie "The Furnace" with Tom Sizemore (Saving Private Ryan, Black Hawk Down). The film is set to begin lensing soon in Nashville TN. It is a supernatural horror by the director of Madhouse. Michael portrays Detective Michael Turner, who becomes obsessed with solving a series of mysterious suicides at the cursed Blackgate Penitentiary.

January 5, 2006

American network UPN (Channel 46) will launch the prime-time show "South Beach" with a two-hour series premiere on January 11, 2006, Wednesday, 8PM ET/PT.

Michael plays a guy from Brooklyn, the father of the main lead Matt Evans (Marcus Coloma). Michael says, "It is an unusual role for me in that I play a father that gambles away his son's college fund and ends up in Gamblers anonymous."

The shooting for the pilot was completed just before Katrina strike. "I got out of Miami 4 hours before the hurricane hit." Some time in September, Michael went to Miami again to shoot another episode of South Beach. It's nice to see Michael on such a big show that powerful people like J. Lo are behind it.

"Even paradise has a dark side."

Check your local listings and have a fun!

January 5, 2006
"BloodRayne,"Uwe Boll and Michael

BloodRayne opens January 6, 2006 at theaters near you. Michael plays Iancu who outfits Rayne with armor and weapons. Dr. Uwe Boll kindly invited us for the premiere screening of BloodRayne in Los Angeles. You can see some scenes from the press conference following the screening here .

The movie has been receiving glowing reviews especially on the Net. Michael as Iancu brings a fresh air to the bloody movie for the simple reason that he inherently has a classic atmosphere.

January 1, 2006
Message from Michael:
Visiting our website, I am surprised by the number of hits we get. I only hope I can do something soon that will make them all feel they have not been wasting their time supporting my career.
Michael Pare

December 6, 2005

UPN announced on 11/30 that "South Beach" will fill the 8 p.m. Wednesday timeslot in its one-hour format. It will open with a two-hour premiere on Jan. 11, at 8 p.m.
Michael appears in a couple of episodes and plays father of Matt Evans (Marcus Coloma), who escapes a troubled home, heading to the paradise of beaches in South Beach. Michael tells us, "It is an unusual role for me in that I play a father that gambles away his son's college fund."

November 2, 2005

Dr. Uwe Boll, producer/director, invited us to attend a special screening for his movie BloodRayne. There are scenes where the detail is just amazing and the cinematography of Mathias Neumann is quite impressive sometimes with lyrical beauty even in this vampire story. And our Michael as Weapon Dealer Iancu appears almost in the middle of the story. When Iancu came in, those battle scenes were gone and a gentle puff of air passed. A critic who was there said, "Michaelfs refreshing elegance accentuates the dignity with evil elegance Sir Kingsley brought into the film."

Big poster displayed at Lowes
Big poster displayed at Lowes
"BloodRayne,"Uwe Boll and Michael
BloodRayne: Press Conference at Lowes, LA
Michael, Boll, Kristana Loken, Udo Kier, Michael Madsen
After the movie, a press meeting took place at the headquarter Lowes where the main cast including Kristanna Loken, Michael Madsen, Udo Kier and our Michael Pare participated. They were just gorgeous to look at.

BloodRayne will hit theatres near you on January 6, 2006.

official site:

November 2, 2005

With the permission of Dr. Uwe Boll, we proudly announce that Michael has joined the cast of upcoming Far Cry. In this game-inspired movie, Boll hopes for Dwayne Johnson, aka The Rock, as the main part Jack Carver. The script using 80% of the game story has been almost done. According to the director, "we are scouting locations; we are in talks with a few actors right now."

October 30, 2005
Message from Michael:
Thank you for all the wonderful birthday greetings.It is always a highlight of my birthday. Thank you so much for all the good wishes from the only club over the years. They have become very dear to me.
Michael Pare

October 24, 2005

Michael is now shooting "Dark World" in LA. The character he plays is Harry Boyd. He grew up to become a cop, but not the character Michael usually plays. Harry is an under-achiever and barely makes a desk officer. Harry's wife leaves him and he goes off the deep end. He lives in a fantasy world where Harry is the best detective in the LAPD.

Michael told us, "It is a very interesting and challenging role for me. I am very excited to play. Dark World is going well for me. It is wonderful to be working with wonderful cast members."

October 24, 2005

Next it seems Michael will do a movie for Stan Winston's production company. Stan Winston is recognized as the best special FX's house in the biz and has recently started producing his own movies.

October 1, 2005

On the third weekend of September Michael left for Miami to shoot another episode of South Beach produced by J. Lo. He wrapped at the end of September and is preparing for a feature film starting soon.

The Crew of South Beach wrote us:

Michael, howdy pal. You just wrapped the latest episode of "South Beach" and all of us miss you already. Your professionalism as well as your great sense of humor made every day great for us... Look forward to seeing you again soon. Take care.
Everyone on South Beach

The Crew of South Beach, from Crazy South Beach, Florida

So nice to hear from the Crew like this!

September 25, 2005
Upon request, we recommended candidates for the actress to a director, who is supposed to be with Michael in a coming film, now preproduction. The actress the director is looking for is 25 to 30 years old. We are very happy to be somehow involved in a Michael's project.

August 19, 2005
Michael will soon leave for Miami to shoot a pilot for Paramount Network Television produced by Jennifer Lopez called "South Beach". SB is an ensemble drama about three young adults whose dreams and aspirations lead them to Miami; co-stars Vanessa Williams, Giancarlo Esposito and Sara Foster. Michael plays "a guy from Brooklyn. It is an unusual role for me but interesting" (Michael). The pilot was picked up by UPN and six episodes have already been ordered.

August 17, 2005
Michael just finished shooting scenes with David Lynch. It's a cameo appearance in "INLAND EMPIRE" starring Laura Dern, Harry Dean Stanton and Jeremy Irons. In a typical Lynch fashion, the film shot on digital video has been trying to keep secret. Lynch told, "it's a mystery about a woman in trouble."

August 15, 2005
Michael is working on new projects, which are scheduled to start 2005 fall - one is a feature film he is going to play "an interesting role" (Michael), one is a pilot for TV show, one is for a big name director, and some others. Very exciting! We will follow up the details when time comes.

July 1, 2005
Message from Michael:
Thank all of our friends in the club and all over the world.I appreciate their loyalty and hope I can do something soon to make them proud.
Michael Pare

June 29, 2005
FBI Agents Josh Randall and Amanda Summers
Michael joined the wrap party of "Operation: Reptilian" - formerly "Saurian" and now back to "Saurian" again to avoid confusion with another REPTILIAN, the U.S. retitling of the 1999 Korean Godzilla knockoff YONGGARY. The producer and writer-director said that it is a very good product. They are also very confident it will go to TV-series. Michael plays FBI agent "Josh Randall" with a partner Amanda Summers played by attractive Arloa Reston.

May 29, 2005
TV pilot "Operation Reptilian" (working title) is currently scheduled to start at the end of May. There is a special branch of the F.B.I. called P.I.T. (Paranormal Investigation Team). The producers and writers see it as a cross between X-Files and "Men in Black. Michael has been working hard preparing for "Reptilian."

May 29, 2005
Komodo vs. King Cobra
"Komodo vs. King Cobra" - from the location shooting in Hawaii.

The photo was taken while Michael was filming in Hawaii. Jerri Manthey from "Survivor" was also in the film.

Undercover - released on DVD in May, 2005
Region 4, 85 minutes
This DVD is formatted for playback on PAL enabled systems (Australian Standard).

In Sydney during the 1920's, Libby (Genevieve Picot) gets a job working for women's underwear designer Fred Burley (John Walton). Michael plays American marketing expert Max hired by Fred. The story is true in its basic outlines. Michael recalls the enjoyable moment in Australia.

March 07, 2005
A Month of SundaysA Month of Sundays: Exclusive interview - Part II
"Rod Steiger is caring, giving ..."
Michael tells us his favorite scene.

The warmhearted family drama, "A Month of Sundays" won the Best Picture in the 2003 Atlantic City Film & Music Festival with Suzanne DeLaurentiis as Best Producer at the Marco Island Film Festival.

February 26, 2005
A Month of Sundays: Overview

February 22, 2005
A Month of SundaysA Month of Sundays:
Exclusive interview - Part I
"The most attractive aspect of the movie was c"

On a fine day after he finished filming of A Month of Sundays, we did this video interview in Los Angeles. He tells us how impressive it was to work with the legendary Rod Steiger.

Tell us about your character in this film and your role in it. How did you get the part?

January 19, 2005
A Month of Sundays: DVD - currently scheduled to be released on February 22, 2005. Michael plays Tomas McCabe, son of Charley McCabe (the late Rod Steiger's last lead role).

January 19, 2005
Early this month Michael started work on a new picture. Jim Wynorski (Gargoyle - Wings of Darkness) will direct.

December 29, 2004
DVD Package
Michael's Starhunter released 8/31/2004 on DVD in US territories is NOT encoded. So you can reproduce Starhunter on your DVD player if it is an NTSC mode (including Japan). Unfortunately the best episode "Super Max" is not covered in 15 out of 22 episodes.
  • Volume 1 - 8 episodes
    The Divinity, Frozen, The Man Who Sold The World, Cell Game, Black Light, Order, Siren's Song, Trust
  • Volume 2 - 7 episodes
    Past Lives, Family Values, Peer Pressure, Goodbye So Long, The Most Wanted Man, Half Dense Players, Dark & Stormy Night

November 18, 2004
Michael thanked fans for their support and love when we delivered birthday cards. See "MICHAEL NOW".

November 15, 2004
The David Lynch project is back on! Some time after we heard about the Lynch project, Michael mentioned, "it has fallen through unfortunately." Recently Michael met the director David Lynch, one of the most original film directors working today. It's a cameo role but this is David Lynch's. Wow!

November 15, 2004
Michael did a narration for The Greatest American Hero for Steven Cannell's DVD release. Yes, TGAH is coming to DVD. The U.S. street date for Season One is February 8, 2005. DVD Planet is accepting pre-order.

November 1, 2004
When we reunited with Dr. Uwe Boll at the world premiere of "House of The Dead," he told us, "This time I couldn't offer Michael any role because this is a zombie movie, but for sure will soon work with him again for an upcoming movie." And this is it! "BloodRayne" is a game-to-film adaptation set in 18th century Romania. Michael portrays Iancu; Kristanna Loken (Terminator 3) plays Rayne and Ben Kingsley joined the cast as Kagan. For more details, click here.

Michael finished BloodRayne and Crash Landing (working title) and will soon start one of new projects.

September 12, 2004
Only 28 days until October 9. Yes, it's Michael's Birthday! Our annual event "Birthday Countdown" started again. This year Michael hits 45, meaning that he is in the golden age of life. Post your birthday message/card to Michael for his golden age. When you visit the Countdown page, you can enjoy Today's flower/stone with floral language and stone message.

August 17, 2004
The exclusive interview by Nicanor just came out. Check out the cover at Shock Cinema-issue #25.

From the interviewer - Hi, guys! I'm Nicanor, the journalist who did the interview with Michael for Shock Cinema. Just to let you know the magazine came out and you can check out the cover at Shock Cinema. Talking to Michael was great. He was kind enough to call me home and we discussed lots of his movies. I was amazed that his voice on the phone sounded just like in the movies. It was cool interview, he's a great guy! Thanks so much for your help on this matter! I can't thank you enough. I hope you like the article when you get the magazine.

End of May, 2004
Michael went to a reunion of The Greatest American Hero and enjoyed the good old days with old friends.

March 2004
Michael will be appearing as Randy Price in CBS prime time hit show "Cold Case" (Sunday 8PM ET/PT).
Greed is Good Randy Price
"Greed is Good Randy Price" written by Michael Paré
The working title is "Greed is Good," see Michael's handwritten note, right. He completed shooting of the episode in the last week of February and said, "The episode will air about 3 weeks after." Check your local listings!

March 19 & 31, 2004
Eddie II goes on FLIX. Meet our "Eddie" again in your living room. Eddie sings only for you! Click here!

January 24 & 30, 2004
Eddie II goes on Showtime #2 --Click here for details

January 2004:
Michael returned from snowy Amsterdam to sunny LA.

January 2004:
Exclusive interview is coming soon!
From a journalist, Nicanor:
Thanks for everything. I talked to Michael a week ago and it was cool interview, he's a great guy and his voice sounds just like in the movies! It will come out sometime in 2004 in the US magazine Shock Cinema and in the Argentinean magazine La Cosa.

January 2004:
Exclusive interview is coming soon!
From a journalist, Nicanor:
Thanks for everything. I talked to Michael a week ago and it was cool interview, he's a great guy and his voice sounds just like in the movies! It will come out sometime in 2004 in the US magazine Shock Cinema and in the Argentinean magazine La Cosa.

December 2003:
The Nu project was canceled by unknown reasons.

November 2003:
photo: Mr. Michael Pare
courtesy Mr. Michael Paré
one of the pictures from Michael. Michael is considering a new project with Nu. A lucky fan saw Michael in a California area store.

October 2003:
Michael did photo sessions for the club and for fans all over the world. Michael had an opportunity to see a rough cut of his new film "Gargoyles." -"I got along very well with the director Jim Wynorsky."

October 9, 2003:
Michael had a wonderful birthday with his family. Michael thanked all his friends for the warm and very welcome birthday wishes.!

September 2, 2003:
Michael did an interview for "Parenting has become a favorite thing for me - I find it rewarding intellectually, psychologically, spiritually." Click here!

Fall 2003:
Coming soon: Red Serpent will go on video/DVD this fall.

mid-August 2003:
This week I may have an opportunity to see a rough cut of "Gargoyles." (Michael)

August 2003:
Michael's new film "Gargoyles" (working title) was wrapped. It's now in the process of post-production.

mid-July 2003:
Michael will start shooting a new film in Romania.

May 28, 2003:
The TV pilot was put on hold (May 28, 2003).

April 2003:
A new TV pilot is scheduled to start shooting on June 2 in Las Vegas.

February 2003:
Michael's latest films were screened in 2003 AFM
photo: Michael & Uwe Boll
©2003 TOMPFC
"The Heart of America" (aka Homeroom) on Feb. 23, 24, AMC in Santa Monica. Michael was invited to attend the premiere on Feb. 24. Michael & Director Boll, answering a reporter's questions about the film after screening.

February 22, 2003:
Louis La Russo II who wrote and directed Michael's play, "The Black Marble Shoe Shine Stand " died of cancer on Feb. 22
<POLY MVA Survivors>
<Internet Broadway Database>
<East Side Repertory Theatre>

January, 2003:
We received the following message from Michael:
"I will be Hosting the Golden Satellite Awards on the 11th of Jan."
See Michael's picture here.
( You can make the photo larger with clicking the small one. )

January, 2003:
Michael at the location of "FATE" in Alpharetta, Ga.

January, 2003:
Michael's latest movie, "FATE" is now being shot in here & check!

October, 2002:
Michael Pare to Appear in Los Angeles SF Convention! (Mr. James B. of Starhunter TV)
Michael will be appearing at the Los Angeles Comic Book and Science Fiction Convention on Sunday, October 20, from Noon to 3pm. Michael will appear on stage to discuss his work on Starhunter, take questions from the audience and then introduce an episode for fans to watch. After that, he will sign autographs.
You will possibly meet Michael there, unless he has urgent business matters.
Check the details!! Comic Book & SF Convention

STARHUNTER 2000 is syndicated on U.S. cable televisions !
U.S. coast to coast are finally going to see Starhunter !

[the official website]
STARHUNTER TV.COM - the official website
[Join the Starhunter Community: - part of the official website]
Starhunter Forum
Starhunter Message Board
Starhunter Chat -Tulip Rec Room

Also will be airing in Spain !!
We received a message from the dubbing actress of Starhunter ! According to the message, the dubbing of the first 22 episodes have been started in Madrid (Spain)! These will be on TV next March, 2003.

Thank you very much, Ms. Elena Ruiz de Velasco!

photo: Michael
photo credit:Takehiko Nakafuji
Recently, Michael was interviewed by Chris Hoffman who has been a big fan of Michael since Michael was in "The Greatest American Hero." He is now writing a book titled "Hitchhiker's Guide to the 80's (working title)" and trying to describe Michael in this book.
According to the author, this book is going to be, "A celebration of the decade and will be the source book for decades to come on what it was like to grow up in the 80's."

Michael's New Fan mail Address
Mr. Michael Pare
David Shapiro & Associates
15821 Ventura Blvd.
Suite 238, Encino
CA 91436 U.S.A.

Michael's birthday is October 9th! Maybe, it is a good chance to tell how much you love him.

Michael's latest message
Michael Pare here.
photo: Michael
Photo credit :The Official Michael Pare Fan Club Photo taken during this interview.
I've got to thank each and everyone of you for checking into the web site. I wish I could do more for you. I hope I get to make a few more interesting and exciting movies for you and I will entertain you a little more this year. I'm in Los Angels right now, chasing down another year of work, either I'll get a television series or do a couple of movies or maybe both but I hope you'll find them entertaining and I look forward to seeing you on our web site.
Thank you.
Michael Paré
We recorded his voice message. We are now trying to make his voice into a file for the website.

9th July 2002:
Oscar Winner Rod Steiger Dies
Michael played the role of his son in A Month of Sundays
<Obituary in E! Online News>

As you know Michael doesn't play the role in Starhunter episode II. He is considering a coming big project in July or August.

photo: Michael & TJ
photo credit : TOMPFC- Taken by Michael's friend
The photo on the right is Michael with TJ who is the producer of new production which will be shot from this autumn. (The title was not decided at this point.)

They seemed really to have enjoyed their long-time-no-see conversation. TJ's face was beaming endlessly for the joy.

TJ the producer gave us a permission to enter the filming location and to report on this film. We think we can offer hot news from the filming site.

We are really sorry! We don't know the full name of TJ.....

"Starhunter" - Space The Imagination Channel in Canada
---"Starhunter2000" Wallpapers Available here (above).

February 2002
photo: Michael  & HBO crew
photo credit : TOMPFC
We have attended the press held during the 2002 AFM, Santa Monica, which Michael did for BLACKWOODS and upcoming projects. The media, who interviewed him include HBO, Hollywood Television Video Publicaiton and many others. Cerntainly, it's worth watching/reading because it was very interesting.. So don't miss it! Check your local listing..

January 2002
BLACKWOODS has been accepted at The Sundance Film Festival. Michael said, "I hope that some interesting directors see it and think of me for their up incoming projects."

December 18, 2001
BLACKWOODS, premiered in London screening 2001 - MIFED 2001, was screened at the Roma Filmfest Monthly Screening Series.

November 2001
Michael went to Moscow to shoot a new movie with Roy Scheider. "It was an interesting picture for me to make."

December 6, 2001
The New York International Independent Film & Video Festival (11/28-12/6) returned to Los Angeles in full force with A MONTH OF SUNDAYS as one of Festival Highlights. Rod Steiger (Best Actor in a Feature Film) was also presented with a life time achievement award while attending the screening at the Vogue Theatre. Michael played Tomas McCabe (cameo role), a son of dying Charley played by Steiger. Michael really enjoyed working with the legendary actor and said, I have a supporting role but I believe it is a good choice because I am the son Charley talks about the whole picture and when the family is finally reunited, he can pass on from this life in peace.

November 30, 2001
A MONTH OF SUNDAYS hit the theaters in the restricted areas.

November 14, 2001
Michael finished HOMEROOM. He told us, Dr. Uwe Boll feels it will be his best movie yet due to the subject matter and quality of acting and cinematography.

October 15, 2001
Michael tied up again with Dr. Uwe Boll in HOMEROOM. Shooting started in Canada.