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You will see what Michael is doing NOW, and what he is interested in NOW.
maximum conviction
November 2011
Michael is currently making a movie in Vancouver with Steven Seagal and Steve Austin. It is MAXIMUM CONVICTION which has started filming. The cameras will roll untill December 9.

Portland Japanese Garden
November 2011
Michael went to Portland to shoot an additional scene for Gone. "Portland is a very nice city. I visited a Japanese garden there, they claim it is the biggest outside of Japan. Sitting in this garden listening to a mountain stream bubbling over moss covered rocks and watching the autumn wind blow the leaves around I experienced the absolute silence of a deep meditation."
road to hell
October 2011

Michael at the Hard Rock in Las Vegas for Road To Hell: reunion with Debora Van Valkenburgh as big sis.
philadelphia experiment
September 2011

Michael just finished the shooting of remake of The Philadelphia Experiment in Vancouver, Canada. This new version is set in modern-day, and concerns a team that attempts to replicate the WWII-era experiment. The movie will premiere next year.
Leverage in Portland
August 2011

Michael joined Leverageh starring Timothy Hutton, currently in production in the Portland area. Michael and Leverage producer Dean Devlin worked together in Moon 44. We knew they reacquainted recently as we saw Michael on the following day.
April 2011
"I have been surfing a lot and have improved a lot. It might be difficult to get a good picture of me surfing but I will try." - Michael
Yes, he has improved a lot from the video he kindly sent us. We hope it will go onto YouTube when all is ready.
with eric etebari
March 2011
At the premiere screening of The Lincoln Lawyer where Michael joined with Marjolein. Eric Etebari, center, is "a mediator" between Michael and Brad Furman, director of LL.
video interview
November 2010
Video session with Michael in Santa Monica. He talks about The Lincoln Lawyer and coming projects. It is a wonderful surprise how he got the role of LL. Brad Furman, director of LL, called Michael one day. It is a thrilling story. Stay tuned.
with Natassia Malthe
November 2010
Michael with Natassia Malthe after the screening of Bloodrayne 3: The Third Reich (aka Blood Reich Bloodrayne 3 in UK). Natassia is so sweet, as cute as a pretty doll. We could not take our eyes off her during lunch. Yes, Michael invited us to join lunch with her.
with Brian Yuzna
October 2010
Michael with Brian Yuzna at the premiere screening in LA where we were invited. The opening scene of Amphibious 3D is amazing - it is like a beautiful deep sea tour.
happy Valentine's day from the members
February 2009
We delivered chocolates to him on Valentine's Day. The members chose the chocolates by voting. Michael's favorite was the one from the Ohkura.
michael sparks with William Katt and Michael Bell
January 2009
Promotions for Sparks with William Katt. Michael, Katt, Michael Bell and Marc Graue talk about Sparks on YouTube.
2008-2009 Season's greetings from Michael
December 2008
I wish you, my friends, only good things in the coming year for you and all your loved ones.
Ian Sparks
November 2008
Michael made a voice debut in William Katt's hit comic series SPARKS as the leading role Ian Sparks. SPARKS created by Chris Folino and JM Ringuet is a superhero noir thriller; this motion comic will be first released on iPhone/iTouch in 2009.
with big sis Deborah Van Volkenberg
September 2008
ROAD TO HELL debuted at the Alamo Downtown Theater during Austin Fantastic Fest, TX. Michael joined the screening and Q/A sessions along with Deborah Van Volkenberg, Albert Pyun and Cynthia Curnan.
M at the Estepona Film Festival
September 2007
Michael stayed for a few days in Malaga, Spain to receive the best actor award from Estepona Film Festival. More is coming on the blog very soon.
photo: Takehiko Nakafuji
July 2007
Meeting with a Nikon Award-winning photographer at a hotel cafe.
M with Jessica de Rooij
November 2006
Premiere screening in LA. with Composer Jessica de Rooij
M filming SEED on the boat
August 2006
On the set of SEED, left - writer/director Uwe Boll, Vancouver
M with Jim at his new house
November 2005
At Jim Wynorski's new house - Jim gave us the special screening of Michael's feature films before their releas while sitting next to Michael and drinking beer. He has a brand-new huge screening studio.
October 2005
Patrick Muldoon (Blackwoods) joined Michael for media interviews at a production booth in LA.
March 2005
After dinner with friends at his favorite restaurant in LA.
February 2005
Photo sessions just before the Cannes Film Festival.
December 2004
To all my friends, Happy, healthy and peaceful holidays!
November 2004
Michael is reading cards from fans.Your birthday blessings reach him like this.
June 2004
May 2004
Michael visited a production company in LA to discuss about a new project, though the project is still in preproduction.
April 2004
A fine day, afternoon
Just before having hot coffee at Starbucks with his friend from abroad.
A Saturday night of March, 2004
Michael and his wife Marjolein at an exquisite Italian restaurant "AGO" in Beverly Hills
January 2003
On January 13 Michael hosted the Golden Satellite Awards (The International Press Academy) with Lolita Davidovich. We imagined his reunion with winner Diane Lane (Best Actress) but she didn't show up.
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